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Import Services in Greenville, NC is your EXPERT dealership alternative for the care and maintenance of your foreign automobile. We provide quality repairs and service you expect, professionalism you deserve, at prices you can afford. Import Services, LLC is a family owned and operated full service automotive repair/maintenance/service garage that specifically caters to customers with foreign vehicles, and specialize in BMW service. We have up to date software to diagnose and service all makes and models of BMWs. Please visit our website for more information!

2 Reviews

  • Jeff Sutton
    Jeff Sutton2 years ago

    I’ve been dealing with Import Services for 5 years. I trust them to tell me the truth about what needs to be done to my Mercedes. Fair prices and skilled mechanics. Friendly staff and great customer service.

    2010 Mercedes-Benz E350
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  • April Forbes
    April Forbes3 years ago

    I Went to this shop on 9/24 to get my 2004 e500 Mercedes inspected to make sure everything was in order because I had just purchased it on 9/18.They informed me that everything looked great.I paid $45 dollars cash for basically nothing.The next day on 9/25,not even 24 hours later,my vehicle started having suspension problems on the driver side, problems it never had prior to my visit to the shop. I went back to the shop and I informed them that I felt that they had inflicted these damages and they tried to reassure me that they had not but it was to coincidental.They gave me a quote for $720.I took the quote back to the place I had purchased the car(which is a very credible car dealer) and they informed me that I was being overcharged and that they would have their mechanic look at the vehicle.When their mechanic looked at the vehicle, he informed me that they had not turned off my suspension button on my vehicle, which basically made the suspension on the driver side malfunction.When I called the shop to inform them of the issue(I was very polite)I was told a owner would call me back.When the owner Waylon Williford called me back he told me he has been working on vehicles for 20years and that I am just another person looking for something for free.I stated to him that unless he was going to fix the issue, not to call me.I hung up on him and he called me back again and started calling me different types of female dogs.

    I feel as though I should be refunded because I paid them for an inspection and they found nothing on 9/24 but all of a sudden on 9/25 I start having issues. They expect me to believe the issue was there the day I brought it to them and they apologized for not recognizing the issue was there.If that is the case then they failed to do a proper inspection which should warrant a full refund.

     I also have a recorded call where the owners wife called offering me a bribe to remove my reviews. Owner has other bad reviews on various websites. They are trying to save face and paying people to put good reviews to try to get their rating up. Fair warning to anyone reading this: Stay away or you will be disappointed!

    2004 Mercedes-Benz E500
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