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I am a Mercedes Benz auto repair specialist in Wilmington, NC. I serve individual customers, also small shops and car dealers. For local customers I can provide a free inspection and go over proper care and maintenance depending on vehicle mileage.

My training is very exclusive and concentrated on the last 12 years of Mercedes Benz. I was Mercedes Benz Master Certified from 2005 to 2007.

I am a Mercedes enthusiast myself and love to help other owners get the most out of their vehicle. For second hand Mercedes owners, I offer a 30 minute crash course to help them learn about all subtle design features that every Mercedes has but is not shown in the manual. Please call with the year and model of your Mercedes and I will show you how good I am!

--Ryan Newmoyer, Owner

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20 Reviews

  • Rodney Bitner
    Rodney Bitner2 months ago

    I was referred to Newmoyer Mercedes by a local service company that said “he is the person that can solve your problem!" He was right! The original diagnosis from 2 different shops was totally incorrect. They would have performed the work and not repaired the problem. Ryan's analysis of the problem was thorough and concise and he was able to repair the under dash air conditioning problem. It works great and the price was fair and I will definitely use them again.

    2004 Mercedes-Benz ML350
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  • Dennis Sullivan
    Dennis Sullivan1 year ago

    Purchased a used vehicle yesterday at 5:00. Called Ryan and he got me in first thing this morning to check it out and change the fluids. Very pleasant and knowledgeable. As long as I own this auto, he will be my mechanic.

    2000 Mercedes-Benz CLK 430
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  • Lebaron Fitz
    Lebaron Fitz1 year ago

    Team Newmoyer is Awesome. I was considering selling my Benz but after the work Ryan and his team did on my car, I am so impressed. My car drives and sounds like a Mercedes should it is so quiet, several times I had to look down at the tachometer to make sure it was running. This is not the first time they have worked their particular Zen magic on my vehicle. They care and it shows in their work.

    2000 Mercedes-Benz E430
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  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams2 years ago

    I have taken both of my Mercedes E350/S550 to Newmoyer for service and repair over the past 4+ years spending thousands and never had a complaint until today. I took My S550 in for some service work last week and 2 days later I noticed that my grill was broken. I washed my car 2 days before I took it to him for repairs and my grill was not broken. While I was sitting in the waiting area of his shop I saw him close the hood of my car but as it closed the hood slammed as he closed it from the full rise position. His wife looked toward the car with a surprised look but I did not think nothing of it. 2 nights later I went to lift the hood of my car and noticed the grill broken. The following day I contacted Newmoyer and told them of the problem. I was told that they will take care of my grill. I ordered a grill online and brought it in for them to repair along with some other issues that I needed to have addressed on my car. When I went to pick up my car they had a bill ready, as I looked over the bill there was nothing about the grill that I purchased on the bill so I informed them of that. After I brought that to their attention Mr. Newmoyer went to tell me that there was no way that he could have cracked the grill on my car because he has opened and closed thousands of hoods on Mercedes Benz cars, I wonder how many hoods did he let slam like on my car. He then told me that he gave me a brake on the bill by not charging me labor. I did not ask for a break on the bill nor have I ever asked him over the years he have been working on my cars for a break on my bill. I have always paid to him what was due him. All I asked was for him to fix my grill of which he agreed. I did not need to hear from him that he did not break it. He should have just made a customer that has been going to his shop for years and spending thousands of dollars happy by saying Mr. Williams it is being taken care of. He basically called me a liar saying that it was already broken and he could not have broken it. I beg to differ after hearing how loud the slam sound was when he closed my hood. To make a long story short he turned around and added the labor back to the bill and deducted the amount I paid for the grill. Poor customer service. I even sent maybe 10 people that I know with Mercedes to him over the years I say that to say he may have lost a loyal customer and he probably don't care. I think that my value to his business was worth a hundred times the cost of the grill that he damaged on my car.

    2008 Mercedes-Benz S550
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  • Earl Print
    Earl Print3 years ago

    On May 23, 2017 I had a 40,000+ service for my 2012 Mercedes Benz E350 completed at Newmoyer Mercedes Specialist, LLC. Not comfortable with dealerships, I was looking for an independent certified MB technician. Searching on-line, I came across the advertisement for Newmoyer and was impressed by its stated credentials. Because they are located approximately 2 hours from my home I needed to wait for my vehicle. They began the service promptly and I was on my way in what I considered record time for the work that needed to done. Both Alicia and her husband Randy operate a professionally owned business that is truly customer focused. It was well worth the trip and I look forward to a continued relationship.

    2012 Mercedes-Benz E350
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  • John Williams
    John Williams 4 years ago

    I recently had my car repaired by Ryan at Newmoyer Mercedes Specialist before I had to travel to Pennsylvania. It was paramount that the repairs on my car were fixed the first time correctly because i was leaving immediately after picking it up. The issue with my car was it needed the right arm bar fixed. Ryan not only fixed my vehicle the first time correctly, my vehicle drove the smoothest it ever had since i purchased it in 2008. I use to be a loyal patron of Bob King' Mercedes service before Ryan was suggested to me by a good friend. However, every time Bob King fixed my vehicle I would have to come back a few months later for the same repair. I typically don't write reviews. However, Ryan and Alicia has impressed me so much that this is not only an accurate testimony, it's the only way I felt I could truly show my appreciation for what they do!

    2004 Mercedes-Benz C320
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  • Frank
    Frank5 years ago

    Was driving to vacation with car loaded when AC fans were running but vents electronically closed and no air in car blowing- UGH.

    Local dealer could not take car for days and would need to leave it without loaner (not an option)--found Newmoyer Mercedes Specialist online and called- they said they were busy but understood my dilemma and said they would look at it. They were right off the highway I was on. They resolved my problem - got my fans working and the car cool and I was able to continue my trip to meet my family already at the beach. They were great- knowledgeable, pleasant and fair- needless to say out of town, 93 degrees no AC and in route to family - some people could have seen this as a chance to take advantage- they did not-- THAN YOU!

    2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK350
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  • Albert Chase
    Albert Chase5 years ago

    Courteous, Professional, Quick, Reasonably Priced. Best experience I have had in a Mercedes repair shop in a very long time. Will use Newmoyer Mercedes Specialist again on my 2 Mercedes. New Customer.

    2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK 350
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  • frank zecca
    frank zecca5 years ago

    Found the owner to be honest and the service to be very efficient. Would highly recommend Newmoyer Mercedes Specialist.

    1998 Mercedes-Benz s320
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  • Laylah
    Laylah6 years ago

    I have a 2007 Mercedes Benz E63. It had a check engine light on so I took it in to Newmoyer Mercedes Specialist. Ryan, the owner, met me immediately and stopped what he was doing to look at my car. He quickly diagnosed the problem as being the crankshaft sensor and immediately replaced it. Problem was solved fast while I waited. I was impressed by both his speed and knowledge. Thank you!

    2007 Mercedes-Benz E63
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  • Mike
    Mike6 years ago

    Brought our C63 in for a check engine light. Was charged $580 and was assured this would fix the light. Drove off and the same day the check engine light came back on. We brought it back in and then we were told they couldn't figure out how to fix it. Customer Beware! These guys are amature's. We took to a shop and fixed for less than $200 and haven't had an issue since!

    2008 Mercedes-Benz C63
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  • Pete Parson
    Pete Parson6 years ago

    Ryan at Newmoyer Mercedes Specialistknew what he was doing. Very knowledgeable and quick to diagnose and correct. I came from over 2hrs away and it was well worth it!

    2006 Mercedes-Benz Slk350
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  • Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson7 years ago

    I picked up my SL500 from a local Mercedes-Benz dealer after the right front SAM was replaced - under warranty. I was advised by the dealer the right front turn signal was not working so I picked up the bulb and was going to replace it when I remembered Newmoyer Mercedes Specialist on Gordon Rd. I pulled in for a bulb replacement and Ryan discovered the left front headlight was also not working. He diagnosed the problem and discovered the local Master Technician had not plugged in a connection to the SAM. I live in Raleigh and will travel to Wilmington without hesitation in order to have Newmoyer work on my car. Excellent service at a fair price.

    2006 Mercedes-Benz SL500
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    MR BLANCO8 years ago

    When i put aftermarket rims on my mbz e420 sport they didn't fit correctly. Long story short the wheel flew off in traffic my rear hub scraped on the street before coming to a stop. Ryan from Newmoyer Mercedes Specialist helped me out by replacing the hub (my own part)and just charging me for labor. Additionally he gave my car a few extra tune up tweaks and informed me on what problems to address in the future. He's never too busy to answer all my questions and doesn't get frustrated with customers car questions they may have. He's my 1st choice in my mercedes benz e420 SPORT repairs. Thanks brother.

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  • Joddi Herron
    Joddi Herron11 years ago

    Ryan at Newmoyer Mercedes Specialist replaced my valve cover gaskets, air cleaners and gave my SLK 320 a thorough check up and for less than I was quoted by my former mechanic. I will go nowhere else for service in SE NC.

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  • Alisha Fleming
    Alisha Fleming11 years ago

    After all the years of messing around with the Mercedes Benz dealership in my town, I have finally found someone whom I can trust and who knows what he is doing. Thank goodness I found Ryan!! He is the greatest. His knowledge of the Mercedes Benz car line is mind blowing. I was and still am impressed with him. Ryan has saved me a huge amount of money in repairing my ML320. He is proactive with me in future repairs that need to be addressed. Having Ryan take care of all my auto needs has been and continues to be convenient, as he picks up my vehicle, repairs it and returns it back to me. I highly recommend Ryan and Newmoyer Mercedes Specialist to all Mercedes Benz owners.

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  • Diane Felsinger
    Diane Felsinger12 years ago

    Ryan is great! He has worked on my cars for many years and provided excellent service in a professional manner. He is highly skilled and does a great job diagnosing and repairing whatever problem I have. I like the way he is always willing to take the time to explain everything to me as well. His expertise, knowledge and understanding of every aspect of my cars has made him the only technician I will take my cars to. I would recommend Newmoyer Mercedes Specialist to anyone.

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  • April Boggs
    April Boggs12 years ago

    I am very thankful to have found Ryan! He is the only one I let work on my Mercedes now because I trust him. He is very honest with what actually needs to be repaired, and is not out to just make more money off me like most of the dealerships. I feel that all his work is top-notch and done in a timely-manner. He is the type of person who wants to help you out as much as he can without charging you a fortune. If I ever have a problem, I call him and he can basically diagnose the problem over the phone. I recommend Ryan and Newmoyer Mercedes Specialist to anyone who is looking for a great reliable mechanic!

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  • TC Santos
    TC Santos12 years ago

    I am very fortunate to have Ryan at Newmoyer Mercedes Specialist on my speed dial. He is pro-active in helping me keep both of my Benz' running happy and healthy. I perform some of the routine maintenance and minor repairs myself, and if I run into an issue, he is happy to help out, either by talking me through something on the phone, or he'll just stop by.

    When I turn to him for an issue that I can't fix myself, not only does he fix it in a timely manner without all the unnecessary "up-sells" that can be experienced from a shop, he also sends me away with a list of things that might need to be thinking about in the near or distant future, in the order of importance or safety, as well as an approximation of what it will cost. This is extremely helpful to me for planning my budget and avoiding bad surprises.

    He knows where to go to get the right parts, and his prices are usually lower than what I can get it for online. His markup is low, and his knowledge is pro.

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  • Mark Wagner
    Mark Wagner12 years ago

    My modern Mercedes mechanic, Ryan, from Newmoyer Mercedes Specialist, was extremely knowledgeable about my 2001 SLK. Ryan was involved from the day I bought the car, as he did an evaluation of the car to ensure the value I was getting for my money. Similarly, through the time I owned the car, I went to Ryan with any mechanical question or problem with the car and he was right on point every time, finding the best deal on parts and fixing problems at a very reasonable rate. For example, my Mercedes had a catalytic converter issue that was evidently common on 2001 SLKs. Ryan informed me that because of this, the parts and labor were still covered under a factory recall for 6 years. This saved me thousands of dollars.

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