Review Guidelines: How to Write a Useful Shop Review

Thanks for visiting BenzShops and taking the time to share your experience about a Mercedes-Benz shop you’ve visited. We have a few guidelines that will help make this site as useful as possible for all Mercedes-Benz owners.

Be Specific

A good review gives concrete, relevant examples of your experience. Tell us what you liked or disliked. Even if you’ve been working with your repair shop for years, share details on the specific service or feature that keeps you coming back. Is it the friendly service manager, the technician’s intimate knowledge or your particular car's quirks, the free wifi, or the owner’s awesome dog? A good review describes what sets the shop apart from its competitors.

Be Real

Your review should be based on your own actual, factual, and recent encounter (within the last 12 months) with an auto repair shop. It's can be tempting to embellish your story, but people rely on reviews to learn about real accurate experiences, both positive and negative. Plus, untruthful reviews may be considered libel, and that's a mess no one wants to be in.

Be Fair

We know that every auto repair shop isn’t perfect. If you do choose to write a review detailing a frustrating experience, be respectful. Like your mother said, “treat others as you would like to be treated,” even when you don’t feel they did the same. Shop owners and managers read the reviews you write, your constructive criticism can help them improve their business.

Be Coherent

Make your review something people want to read. Put thought into what you write. Tell a concise and cohesive story with your review. Try to keep your review around 150 to 250 words, just enough to get your point across. To the best of your ability, follow grammar rules. Most importantly, DON'T USE ALL CAPS or excessive punctuation!!!!!

Guidelines for Posting Reviews

  1. Your experience must be first-hand. Please don't post a review unless you've personally worked with the shop you're reviewing.

  2. Reviews are not to be posted by shop owners, employees or anyone directly associated with an auto repair business. We can tell if you are "reviewing" your own shop. If you have customer testimonials you would like to share, email us and we will help you to post them on your shop’s listing page.

  3. Your review must be about a recent experience. Reviews about experiences more than 12 months ago will not be accepted.

  4. Your review should not mention or discuss, positively or negatively, a competing shop.

  5. Your review must be accurate and factual. If can be tempting to go over-to-top, but please stick to the facts. Stay on topic to the things that really matter about what made your experience great or not so great.

  6. Do not try to get the attention of the shop owner via a review. If we believe the purpose of your review is to obtain a concession from a business, we will remove your review. If you are considering legal action (or have taken legal action, including small claims court, or have noted that you reporting the business to the BBB or State Attorney General), this is not the forum to express that in, and your review will not be posted.

  7. Use your real name and email address (we won't post it, share it or send you spam). We may send you an email to confirm your experience. If we do, please take a moment to reply. Reviews by "anonymous" or other suspicious pseudonyms will not be posted.

  8. No personal attacks, insults or threats will be tolerated, including accusing a shop or shop owner of being a liar, a crook, an idiot, racist, shady, sleazy, a fraud, a scam artist or ripping you off, or any other type of name calling. Keep to the facts about your experience.

  9. No swearing. Keep it clean and professional. Do not include links or URLs to other reviews posted on outside sites, and do not copy and paste from other review sites.

  10. Post your review once and only once. Continually posting a removed review or posting multiple reviews saying the same or similar things will not be accepted.

  11. And finally, don't use ALL CAPS or excessive punctuation!!!!!!!!

Review Moderation

Each review submitted to this website is individually reviewed before it is posted. Yes, we read every review ensure compliance with our review guidelines. If your review violates our guidelines, or our sniff test, it will be removed. Reviews may be removed without notification at our sole discretion. We reserve the right correct spelling, grammar, capitalization, or punctuation.