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At Eurowise we specialize in Audi service, BMW service, Mercedes Benz service, Porsche service, Ferrari service, Maserati service, Lamborghini service, and Volkswagen service. We also specialize in performance fabrication, which includes welding, high performance race car prep. All automotive repairs done at one of our three locations using state of the art diagnostic, programming, and repair equipment. We spare no expense when it comes to using the right tools to properly repair your car. Eurowise has factory trained technicians along with a very knowledgeable customer care staff with over 60 years of combined experience in the auto repair, racing and fabrication industry.

1 Review

  • Edwin
    Edwin2 years ago

    This is literally gonna be my very honest review about this bloody place! Few years ago, I was looking in for quotes for installing a JB4 piggyback for my Mercedes Benz C300 W205 model. Tried to reach a bunch of shops yet and then Eurowise, the owner Mike himself, reached me through the phone, saying that they provided in house tuning and gave a pretty significant power of 55 to 65HP & 65 to 75Tq unlike JB4 who only gave it around 33whp.. I was so tempted and didn’t think twice to get it since “Mike” the owner himself, telling me that the tune was done professionally and turns out that pretty sure people alrd know that “Eurowise” got a pretty good reputation in Charlotte.. Then without even thinking, I just paid that amount of $895 + Tax to him..

    Tune was great, I can tell the car was driving like it has a V6 engine.. It was a day right after I received the tune from him, the CEL suddenly came out, he said if the tune that caused the CEL to come out, he’ll take care of it which he really did... I then later purchased a downpipe from Armytrix.. Right after paying the bill, he told me the labour would cost a little higher that it seems, promised me with the price of $178+ tax and ended up have to paid $50 extra for the labor work.

    Right after getting the downpipe to the car, the problem started to begin.. The car that supposed to be faster with the downpipe, is now slower with the downpipe, logic? I kept telling him how come the car is much slower than before, especially right after we’ve installed a downpipe to the car! He said downpipe doesn’t give any noticeable power but just making the car louder... Making the car louder, and doesn’t give any noticeable power I understand, but if it makes it slower, wheres the logic... Then he said he wouldn’t mind to increase a little more of the turbo boost, since before it was on 80%.. He said he wanna make the factory turbo reliable, so 80% would be the the ideal number for that...

    The car finally drove like before, it was slightly faster with the downpipe and the tune was finally right like the first day I receive it.. Then I started to dive into other mods on the intake and blow off valve.. I asked him to order the BMS cold air intake, and the go fast bits BOV.. Then right after the items came, he immediately told me to bring in the car, and let his employees getting it done for me...

    Right after its done, I took the car back and driving it... The steering wheel of my Mercedes Benz, driving like even worse than the 1995 Toyota, feels like the car turbo doesn’t work at all.... It was even slower than the eco mode and the BOV sound that has to Whooosh, doesn’t seem to do it... I told him there must be something wrong with the work u done on the car, cause that was literally a failed work done to my car... Then the family friendly CEL came out again, applause!!!! I had to bring it to him again, then he still asked someone else to looked after the car, bet he was busy... This time he was one of Mike’s employees, forgot his name, but he’s big and bald.. He looked at the car with his laptop plugging the OBD to the car, and the code tells that the turbo wasn’t work due to the failed work done onto the BOV, so basically Eurowise, forgot to put some kind of a rubber seal for the BOV and finally they made it right and the car is right! Tried to find a remedy on why the steering wheel becoming heavy due after the BOV and intake installation... One of his employees helping me to remove the Intake and places the stock intake to give it a try, then I felt the steering wheel is a little lighter with the stock intake... Then after couldn’t find a problem, his employee got a problem to remove my stock intake so he could put the others intake in... Called his other co worker, and he removed it but breaking it at the same time right in front of my eyes... I was so pissed and angry at the same time, but since it was a small break on the intake passage, so I’ll try to understand the situation and just let it go...

    I got no problem at the car at all for couple months straight, till I drove my car back to work back and back again, then a month ago on that night to home from work, the car CEL suddenly popped, and this time it was blinking! The car vibrates violently so I had to pull over somewhere to see whats up... Turn off the car and turn it on again, hoping for the CEL to disappear, but it keeps blinking... On that time, I already knew that my cylinder was misfiring... Drove it back home, and immediately brought the car to the dealership, hoping that they can do a good reset on the ecu... But on the other hand, hendrick mercedes quoted me $11200 after tax for the engine replacement... Cylinder #1 misfire low compression and oil in the exhaust, pain in the Arse...

    I brought it to mike, so he could anyhow tells me whats up.. He told me I brought the car to the other shop to get the work done, so he doesn’t wanna get anything to blame... First, the reason why I brought it to other shop is because his shop offers me quotes that are ripping my pants off! Second, I brought my car to Bosworth Customs to get my wheels, exhaust system swap, and powdercoating calipers into red ONLY, and its not even related to the powertrain of the vehicle.. Third, last but not least, my car was under his tune, so there’s no way someone else are able to mess up with it aside from HIM and his TUNER whatever they wanna say.

    Eurowise did diagnosed my car and they quotted me $8500 for the proper fix... They said it was Cylinder #1 and #4 that got misfired and low compression on both cylinder this time.. The price is almost $2000 less than the dealership, but I doubt thats the new engine they’re giving me.. Then I asked him to remove all the aftermarket parts attached at the car and flash the ecu back to stock again... He said he would charge me for $425 for removing the BOV, cold air intake, and the downpipe! He literally texted me it could be even cheaper if the work could be done early! Then, Jared at the front desk, printed the invoice for me of $578+ tax.... I agreed to pay $425, but Mike said his price is not negotiable and if I don’t get it done the bill he would have to hold on my car first after I’m able to pay off the bill... First that money is small for me, I could always pay $10 000 out of my pocket or even $100 000 like that if it really worth my money... But despite of his greediness, I felt that I keep losing if I keep paying the amount they wanted... In the end they let me out with $425+ tax and I paid that bill off cause I don’t want anymore arguments with them...

    So what I’m trying to tell you all about this place.. They only want your money without even thinking what’s gonna happen to your car that’s first! And second, they definitely will perform really poor services on you and your cars as well! Cause I’d been through it.. I finally received my new engine from Hendrick Mercedes with a price tag of $7199 after tax and received the warranty of 50000 miles/4 yrs whichever occurs first... While Eurowise, would do it with $8500 price tag and GOD knows what they gonna do to make that quote go up more than what dealerships gonna give! Now I have a better life, my car is great now, and Eurowise was the biggest mistake I ever done in my life... Feel free to experience it yourself!! Cheers

    2015 Mercedes-Benz C300 4matic
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