Ted's Service Center

42600 10th Street West,
Lancaster, CA 93534 US
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If you're looking for the best in German automobile service in the Antelope Valley, you've come to the right place. We offer a wide range of service and repairs for your German Car, specializing in Mercedes-Benz repair, in Lancaster, CA.

2 Reviews

  • Gary B.
    Gary B.9 years ago

    I took my '93 300SE to Ted's Service Center because they came highly recommended. I use to take it in to another mechanic in the Antelope Valley who ripped his customers off. When I first arrived, I was greeted with a smile and a pleasant attitude. The mechanic introduced himself as Peter, and I explained my problem. Peter knew exactly what the problem was, and he was able to fix it. The price he gave me was far less than I was paying at the rip-off mechanic I was going to before.

    The next day, my engine was purring like a kitten, my brakes were not squeaking anymore, and my oil leak was fixed. Now I take my Porsche, my BMW, and my Mercedes to Ted's. Peter and Adam both know alot about European machinery and everything needed to keep you on the road. It has been an absolute pleasure doing business here.

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  • Jon S.
    Jon S.11 years ago

    Wow, well this one came out of left field. On seeing this place recommended on Benz-world and on here I thought I'd found my go-to guy for getting my newly acquired 78' 240D up to speed. I called on Wednesday and told them I could only drop it off on Saturday due to my work schedule. "No problem, just leave it in front and drop the key in the slot and we'll take good care of you". Sweet! So I roll up Sat AM with the DW in tow, and the bay door was open. This thug comes out and doesn't really want to talk. I told him I was told to drop the car off. He was COMPLETELY RUDE, and basically told me that I was lying and that no one told me to drop the car off and that he had no room for it. "I'm just here working on my mom's car" he snapped. Not only was the guy being totally rude and unhelpful, after I said that I guess i'd find another shop, to which he replied "fine, I don't give a f*ck". Wow, I was having a good day until now, thanks. Not sure what I did to piss him off but he made my mind up quick, this place is NOT where you want to go for service, don't care how "great" they are.

    I'm not hard to please, just looking for good work and don't need to have my butt kissed, but I also don't need some rude, aggressive thug working on my ride. Guess they don't need my business... Too bad...

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