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Charleston, SC 29492 US
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All Euro and Rover repairs
Mercedes-Benz and BMW
35 Years in business
Trained in Europe
No such thing as "can't," I can fix it!

1 Review

  • Lee
    Lee5 years ago

    I dropped off my car after speaking with the owner who said he understood our car inside and out. I told him that I wanted him to be our one and only mechanic and to get my car running as close to perfectly as possible. I wanted him to take his time, within reason, and get it right. Instead, it was just the opposite. The experience was terrible at every turn. He tried to order parts I did not need, told me I needed parts that he then never ordered and later said were fine, parked my classic underneath a tree out back for weeks, and kept my car 6 weeks without fixing any of my problems. His manager lied to us, never gave me a price quote for any work I requested and essentially did nothing while stalling me for 6 weeks with a promise to do the work the next day, etc.

    The manager used foul language from the first day. I asked him to order the parts so that they would be come in time for when the owner returned. It never happened and when the owner FINALLY ordered my parts after 5 weeks of doing nothing, the part, of course, was on back order. He was unwilling to make calls to secure the part elsewhere and did nothing to move our project along. I picked up my car with filthy floor mats that were never prtoected from grease, found a took left on my passenger seat, and a greasy sparkplug rolling around my back seat. If you are used to professional service or even remotely professional experience, do not take your car there under any circumstances. Worst car experience among many over my lifetime. A complete waste of time.

    1987 Mercedes-Benz 560sl
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