Black Forest Import Service

1342 Bowman Rd.,
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 US
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Want quality high-tech service on your Mercedes without paying dealer prices? Look no further than Black Forest! Up to date SDS and software, diagnostics done right the first time.

3 Reviews

  • Jim Romano
    Jim Romano3 years ago

    Black Forest has very high pricing. Here are the facts. I found out the hard way because I didn’t do my homework getting competitive quotes. I have just moved to Charleston a year ago and need a place to service my MB. I might add I am a new MB owner, and not familiar with their maintenance services. I have a 2014 MB E350 Sedan, and per my manual needed a 30K “B” service. I first called the local dealer, and they quoted $550.00. Then I called Black Forrest (BF) and they quoted $485.00. I thought that was a good savings. I scheduled the service and they completed the work. When paying they notified me I needed an “Under cover” part replaced due to damage, and quoted $280.00 installed. I didn’t get that done, as I had already spent close to $500.00. So I got the part # from BF.

    I called a local repair shop in West Ashley, SC. They quoted the “Under cover” part installed for $210.00. That made me curious, and so I asked for a quote for the 30K miles “B” service I just had done at BF. They priced it at $250.00. I was skeptical so I took out my BF receipt, and reviewed the service details performed to be sure what they quoted was “Apples-to apples” Much to my dismay it was the identical service. Needless to say I was quite disappointed I had just over payed by $235.00. I told this shop what I just had paid, and I asked how they can do it for so much less. They explained for “Maintenance services” they don’t use their hourly labor rate. They do use the hourly rate for “Repairs”. BF charged me $288.00 just for the labor for this maintenance service. That was itemized 3 hours per their receipt to me. I might add it only took 2 hours to complete the service. When I brought all this up to BF their co-owner Lil, after defending her pricing, basically she said go to other shop. Oh don’t worry I will. You should too unless money means nothing to you. Then go for it.

    2014 Mercedes-Benz E350
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  • C.C. Gay
    C.C. Gay5 years ago

    Iill, the service techs and physical facilities are top-of-the-shelf, A#1! They, also, care for and service my 2005 AMG E 55 as well. Black Forest absolutely, " as good as it gets !" They all respond and act as Owners of the business ; perhaps they are ?!.... I am not normally hyperbolic ; they earned it !

    2007 Mercedes-Benz E 320 BLUETEC
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  • Karen
    Karen5 years ago

    The lady answering the phone is so courteous and knowledgeable. Their lobby is very neat and clean. Everyone is so professional. I highly recommend them

    2013 Mercedes-Benz 250 c
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