Gene's German Car

5030 69th Place,
Flushing, NY 11377 US
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German auto repair shop in Flushing, NY. Mercedes-Benz service, repair and maintenance.

3 Reviews

  • G.C. Fairley-Smith
    G.C. Fairley-Smith10 years ago

    Gene was excellent in repairing my classic Mercedes. He exercised care and knowledge when providing the consultation of the issues with the car and the recommended repair needed. He was able to diagnose the cars problems and fix them. In addition, he was able to provide from his database access to find the necessary parts for completion of repair. When your car is in his hands you can rest assured, with his expertise, whatever his diagnosis is regarding the Mercedes, it is accurate. In addition, he will know exactly what to do to fix your car and what you need to do as an owner to maintain your car properly. I was recommended to Gene by another satisfied customer, and I too became a satisfied customer. He is an expert in the Mercedes repair and diagnosis and I only wish he would impart his extensive knowledge and expertise to teach and train this current generation of Mercedes Benz technicians.

    1988 Mercedes-Benz 560SL
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  • Eddie Mustafa
    Eddie Mustafa11 years ago

    Extremely knowledgeable, efficient and professional owner and mechanics. Very honest, will point out the problems, solutions, and cost before doing any work on your car. Gene's 40+ years of experience are evident, your Benz, Porsche or Beamer will get the best possible treatment. Wish I had found him sooner.

    2000 Mercedes-Benz E320
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  • Webster L
    Webster L12 years ago

    Owner and mechanics knowledgeable and honest. I had my E550-4matic serviced. I highly recommend if your MB is no longer under Dealer Warrantee.

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