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Serving Albuquerque with expert Mercedes-Benz repair for over 30 years.

2 Reviews

  • Thomas Carlile
    Thomas Carlile5 years ago

    Took my SL500 into Ricardo to have a fluid leak diagnosed and repaired. I told him it didn't look like oil. He called me back and said it was oil coming from one of the valve covers and that it would cost $420 plus tax to put a new valve cover gasket on my car. I okayed the repair. He also quoted me $160 for a new auxillary battery and I okayed that too. About four days later he called me up to tell me my car was ready and that he also did an oil change. I pointed out to him that he had already done an oil change on this car 45 days earlier. So his tech brings the car to my home, I pay $660 cash for the repairs. He charged me $180 for the battery, not $160 and I still have the exact same fluid leak he was supposed to fix. I sent him pictures of the fluid leak on my driveway and garage floor and asked him what he intends to do about it, but have heard nothing. No more business for Ricardo!

    2003 Mercedes-Benz SL500
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  • Keith
    Keith13 years ago

    I took my car to them for an oil change and a couple of other minor things and let them know that I had trouble starting it when the engine was cold. They told me nothing seemed to be wrong and that it started fine for them. I pick it up 3 days later when they call me to tell me it's ready and Ricardo has to use starting fluid and a battery booster to get me going. I would have stayed and yelled, but I was already late for work. He told me the valves probably needed to be adjusted. yeah. Fast forward a week and I drop it off again to give a chance to make things right. I didn't hear anything so Tuesday of the following week I give them a call. Ricardo tells me it we be done on Thursday. I told him I don't need it till Friday and to take his time. I call Friday and someone there tells me it's not done, Ricardo is on vacation and it will be ready on Monday. What?! I show up Monday and pay for the valve adjustment (which wasn't the problem) and they use starting fluid to start my car and I leave with $250 less in my pocket. The mechanic asked if I planned on selling the car...would they have actually fixed the damn car if I said yes?

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