30338 County Road 12,
Elkhart, IN 46514 US
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We specialize in service & repair of Mercedes-Benz cars & SUVs in Elkhart, IN.

Mercedes-Benz Service & Repair.

  • Mercedes-Benz Factory level diagnostics
  • Comfortable waiting room with WiFi & complimentary beverages
  • Prompt & courteous service
  • Save BIG over Mercedes-Benz dealer pricing with same quality parts & service
  • Deal directly with owner/tech, Andy Bogue.

Serving Northern Indiana cities including South Bend, Granger, Mishawaka, and Elkhart, IN.

Convenient to Notre Dame.

15 Reviews

  • Blaine Street
    Blaine Street1 week ago

    I need two more hands so I can give the guys at Benz Tech four thumbs up!

    Josh was honest and addressed all concerns!

    2006 Mercedes-Benz C350
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  • Ed Dennis
    Ed Dennis1 year ago

    We pull a long bed Mercedes-Benz Sprinter behind our Newmar Motorhome. I was driving the Sprinter while the motorhome was being serviced at Newmar. The heater fan was running at top speed and would not shut off... even with the ignition off. I called BenzTech and Andy said to bring it in without shutting off the motor. I did, and in short order he replaced the defective part and fixed some other minor problems and had me back on the road for less money and in less time than any M-B dealer had in my 40 years of owning Mercedes-Benz vehicles. My BenzTech experience was so thorough that I've scheduled a non-emergency appointment to take care of all the little things I have been putting off. Thanks Andy!

    2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
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  • Grover Ireland
    Grover Ireland 3 years ago

    Andy is awesome fixed my GLA right up qaulity service! Great people great price &I great work! - A must go to for automobile repair!

    2008 Mercedes-Benz GL
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  • Sharon
    Sharon3 years ago

    I was told by the dealership that my Mercedes-Benz needed new front brakes, it had a leak in the rear left axle, the engine coolant exchange needed serviced, the air conditioner refresh needed serviced, and the fuel/air induction system needed serviced; totaling $2,028. I deferred the work because I heard about BenzTech and I wanted another opinion. Thank God I did. There is a sensor in the braking system that alerts you when the pads and rotors need replacing. The axle was not leaking and the other services were not required based on year/mileage. Do yourself a favor, go see Andy and Josh before you allow the dealership to perform unnecessary, very expensive maintenance on your vehicle.

    2011 Mercedes-Benz C300
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  • Ron Jenkins
    Ron Jenkins 4 years ago

    Excellent shop. We travel from Pennsylvania to get our fleet vehicles serviced here whenever we can. Trust me-it's worth it! Wish they would franchise out & come to Pittsburgh area ;)

    2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
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  • Mark MacInnis
    Mark MacInnis4 years ago

    Andy is a stand-up straight shooter who knows how to get the best result for you and keep your Benz running in tip-top shape for the most reasonable cost. I wouldn't trust my Benz with anyone else.

    2003 Mercedes-Benz C240
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  • Matt Bayes
    Matt Bayes4 years ago

    Had dropped the Sprinter delivery vehicle at the dealer-was told it would be a couple of days before they could look at it. Picked it back up and called Andy. Dropped it off that morning, and he had the problem fixed by late afternoon. Was so impressed, I had him do some additional work. Picked up the truck the following day and it runs great. Probably 1/2 to 2/3 of what the dealer would have charged. They have my Sprinter business for sure!

    2011 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500
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  • Andrew Ujdak
    Andrew Ujdak5 years ago

    I brought Andy a 2-owner 1986 Mercedes Benz 420SEL with 138,000 miles that came out of California for repair work. There was quite a bit of repair that had to be done, but Andy was 100% up front with me on the extent of repairs to be done; and the seriousness of the neglect by the previous owner. His assessments were spot on and his mechanics were able to return the car to highway worthiness. I learned that I was lucky (unchanged timing chain) that I even completed a 400 mile round trip to my son's school - but I also think that the Mercedes is over-engineered and that saved my bacon. This shop is fair, honest, and up-front with you about your car. Highly recommended!!

    1986 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL
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  • Bill and Kim Duxbury
    Bill and Kim Duxbury5 years ago

    Outstanding service. We are more than pleased with the work, customer service and most of all the price. Andy and Josh were great to work with. We will be telling everyone we know about BenzTech.

    2010 Mercedes-Benz ML350
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  • Egbert Dijkstra
    Egbert Dijkstra5 years ago

    I have taken my ML 350 to the BenzTech from the day I purchased it and have been happy and impressed with the service and knowledge. Would not take my Mercedes anywhere else for regular service or repair!

    2009 Mercedes-Benz ML 350
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  • Seth Campbell
    Seth Campbell7 years ago

    Andy is outstanding with a Mercedes. He spent all kinds of extra time on my E500 and diagnosed problems other shops we guessing at. It takes me an hour to get to his shop but it is worth the dive, he really appears to love these cars and he is very reasonably priced.

    2004 Mercedes-Benz E500
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  • Hans Schmidt
    Hans Schmidt8 years ago

    Great help! Fixed! Fixed! After 3 years I finally know why my car mysteriously stalls when hot. A $70 part! Too bad I found out after spending over $3,000 at other places for guesses. Should have come here first

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  • Jenny Shaeler
    Jenny Shaeler8 years ago

    Took my '06 Mercedes to Andy at Benz Tech after being referred by a co worker. I drove the car to the airport & was gone a few days, came back & it ran awful & engine light was on. Had towed to Mercedes dealer where they told me it was fixed 2 seperate times only to make the trip & find out it wouldn't make it out of the parking lot! Finally, they told me it needed $3,500 in engine work! I had lost confidence in them, so I had it towed back home in Mishawaka. A couple weeks later a co worker heard about my dilemma & urged me to take it to Benz Tech & see Andy. I had it towed there & he had it fixed & ready to pick up the next day! All it ended up being was water in the gas. NO engine work needed & cost me 90% less then what the dealer told me it needed! Don't take your car anywhere esle! Andy will talk your ear off about Mercedes & explain way more than you need to know, but you can tell he knows all about them & sounds like he has seen it all!

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  • Carol C.
    Carol C.8 years ago

    What a relief to have found a good mechanic for my 2 Mercedes! Andy went out of his way to take care of my E320's strange dying problem & it is finally fixed. Would highly recommend!

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  • Frank Ganute
    Frank Ganute9 years ago

    After being frusterated for years with the local dealer & "import shops" I am happy to have finally found a great shop I can trust with my 2 Mercedes. The owner has a vast knowledge of Mercedes and us very frank about what is needed and what is not. I would recommend this shop to anyone near or far-it is certainly worth a drive!

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