Ghoseins European Auto Werks

4001 1/2 Southwest Highway,
Hometown, IL 60456 US
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Better than dealer quality service with state of the art diagnostic equipment at a fraction of the price. Customers will have one on one encounter with the owner and feel the personal touch. Family owned and operated since 1977.

1 Review

  • Francisco
    Francisco7 years ago

    I tried Ghosein's for the first time a couple of days ago after viewing their website. I called the place and asked how much they would charge me to check my vehicle and find the problem to it. They gave me a price of $85.00 dollars to diagnose my Mercedes-Benz. That same day I took my car in for the diagnostic. Before I had left I specifically told the guy that attended me to be careful with the pain on my vehicle because it was freshly painted. They guy nodded and took the car in. Three days later, I received a call from them and they tell me that my car had a wiring problem. To fix it the total would be $585.00 but that fixing those wires the car would be fixed as new. I had then gave them authorization to start fixing the wiring problem. Two days later I didn't hear from them and I decided to give them a call and ask on the status on my vehicle. They told me that they now had to replace the front valve block and the two front struts so the car could work. In order to replace those parts total came out to be $6,682.00. I denied the work because to me it just seemed like they were just guessing what the problem to my car was and just wanted to change parts. After that phone call I went that same day for my car and paid for the repairs they had already done to my car, which was the diagnostic and the 'electrical wiring damage". When they pulled out my car I noticed that the paint had been damaged on the rear bumper and on the left front door. I confronted the guy handling my car and told him about the damages. It looked like he really didn't care and acted like he didn't know what happened. He then told me to just bill him for the damages. I went out to a couple of repair shops on how much they would charge me for those damages. On the low end it would cost about $550.00 and the highest being $#675.00. I went back to Ghosein's and wanted the simplest solution to this problem. I showed them the estimates and told him to just give me my money back and call it even. This whole time there I'm being nice and polite when in reality I should be more than upset with them. The guy tells me that he's going to give me my money back but to never go back to him again and to take my car somewhere else. He give me an attitude like if it was my fault! I took my vehicle to Ghosein's thinking they were going to be professional but they turned out to be irresponsible crooks. For the last time I tried one more shop they recommended me to and took the car there. After about two days the other shop had called me and told me that the only problem to my car were only two hydraulic hoes that were switched. He charged me a total of $350 and problem solved! After Ghosein's wanted to charge me $6,000 for parts my vehicle didn't even need. Ghosein's has horrible service and I will never go there again. I definitely do not recommend anyone to go there.

    2002 Mercedes-Benz CL500
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