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Mercedes-Benz repair and performance upgrades in Pompano Beach, FL.

Frustrated with the Mercedes-Benz dealerships in South Florida? Merc-Werks is South Florida's premier independent Mercedes-Benz specialist and the number one reliable and safe alternative choice to the dealer. As a Merc-Werks customer, you will enjoy a level of personal service and value at consumer pricing that far exceeds any dealer or other independent experience.


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  • Excellent service, honest and fair prices and extensive knowledge - highly recommend them.

    Norris W., via Google
  • I will never go anywhere else. They always get the job done!

    Anna L., via Google
  • If you own a Mercedes, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO!
    They do amazing work. Very professional and do great quality work for a fair price. Couldn’t be happier with their services! Car feels brand new!

    Danielle G., via Google

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47 Reviews

  • Tom Lee
    Tom Lee9 months ago

    I love these people and their work. I had a problem with an idler pulley. After it was fixed Ralston told me my water pump was leaking. So I asked them to replace it. All was done and a great and very fair price.

    But, because my vehicle has just undergone a recall by Benz (diesel emissions AEM) there was a leak in a turbocharger feed line. My check engine light kept coming on. Rolston looked at the codes but because Benz had not updated the codes after the modification, he couldn’t see the error. He worked countless hours trying to find the problem. He was then able to work with Benz to update the firmware and error codes. It immediately told him it was a turbocharger issue. He let me know that it was a Benz issue and should be warranted as part of the recall. It was.

    Ralston worked for many hours on that problem, yet he would not accept payment. Any other shop would have billed me for every minute. I will NEVER forget what he did for me and will only allow Merk Works to touch my vehicle.

    Thanks Ralston! You guys are the best!

    2014 Mercedes-Benz E250
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  • Nicolas
    Nicolas3 years ago

    Merc Werks is an outstanding Indy shop that specializes in Mercedes Benz automobiles. They are characterized by exemplary service, quality, honesty, value and integrity. They are the best Mercedes mechanics in the tri-county area. I would not take my car anywhere else.

    Their prices are very reasonable and their management is focused on great customer service.

    As a proud customer thank you!

    2013 Mercedes-Benz e350 Bluetec
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  • Taylor Goomansingh
    Taylor Goomansingh3 years ago

    Wow, where do I begin. I was visiting from out of town when I got a message to have an AB service performed. Since it is a Merc, it kept letting me know that I was 100 miles over due, 200 miles over due etc. Knowing that I was 500 miles from home and this was the first day of a week long trip, I wasn't going to put off getting my service done until I returned from my trip. My friend drives an Audi so I called up her shop, told them I had an AB service needed and they quoted me a price around 700, (good news though, as a fist time customer they would take 35 off. I had called and left a message at Merc Werks telling them to call me back as I drove to the recommended shop. When MacKenzie called be back I was two blocks from the other shop. I explained the AB message upon which she identified I was reading something incorrectly, quoted me the price for an A as well as a B service, both WELL under the 700 quote. She was so knowledgeable that I immediately turned my car around and drove to Merc Werks (Near Hollywood to Pompano- about 20 minutes). As soon as I got there, she promptly grabbed my keys and we headed to the car. She immediately identified that I had an A8 service needed which was even less than the regular A service. In a matter of half an hour I went from thinking I would be shelling out over $700 bucks to walking out the door under $120. Not only that, they were able to get me in and out within an hour. Prior to calling, I had researched the shops and read the reviews and while they all spoke about their amazing honesty, I was still blown away by the level of service I received. MacKenzie, you're a rock star. Next time I come back I'll bring treats for the puppy!

    2014 Mercedes-Benz E350 COUPE
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  • Doug
    Doug4 years ago

    My AC quit working. This had happened about 18 months ago. That time, I went to a dealer and paid about $280. This time I decided to try a different shop. I found Merc Wertz on the internet. Rolston did the same diagnostic work and added Freon just like the dealer had done. The big difference was the cost, $75 and the advice. Rolston suggested that the problem was likely with the evaporator. The repair cost would be $2K+. Rolston had a better idea — add Freon every year or so. If the car lasts five more years, the total cost would be under $400. Rolston earned a new customer today.

    2001 Mercedes-Benz E320
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  • Francel Carrasco
    Francel Carrasco4 years ago

    Just had my B7 service at 78k miles and front brakes done. GREAT service very reliable and timely. Fair pricing. I recommend Merc Werks, very knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Will use again.

    2012 Mercedes-Benz C250
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  • Klaus Werner
    Klaus Werner5 years ago

    If you own a Mercedes Benz, need service or repairs, and are beyond your new car warranty, do yourself a favor and take it to Merc-Werks first. You and your Mercedes will be well taken care of by Rolsten and Mackenzie. They are extremely knowledgeable and actually know how to repair components rather than just bolt on new parts for the old, which is often done these days even when unnecessary. They charge about half the price of dealerships for their time and zero for diagnostics. The dealer wanted to charge me about $360.00 for what they call diagnostics before they even start with a repair; and the problem was pretty obvious. I just moved down from the Washington, DC area and thank my lucky stars to have found Merc-Werks to maintain my 1998 SL600. Thanks again, Rolsten and Mackenzie.

    1998 Mercedes-Benz SL600
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  • RT
    RT5 years ago

    An outstanding experience. My immaculate '08 E350 has just 34,k miles and I was simply tired of the Ft. Lauderdale MB dealer's high prices and under-performance. I urge you to give Merc Werks a try. They are friendly, straightforward, knowledgeable, and experienced Mercedes Benz mechanics (as opposed to "part replacers"). Highly recommended.

    2008 Mercedes-Benz E350
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  • Darryl
    Darryl6 years ago

    Rolston and Mackenzie are very knowledgable about service and repair of Mercedes Benz automobiles. It is clear they being a lot of prior experience from working at MB dealerships. I was impressed that both were able to explain what was wrong with my vehicle and the required fix. The work was performed in a very timely manner and at a reasonable price. MercWorks is a great alternative to MB dealerships and I will certainly use them for a vehicle where the warranty has expired.

    2009 Mercedes-Benz S550
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  • Martin Segel
    Martin Segel6 years ago

    The best shop in the area. Not only is Rolston supremely knowledgeable about these vehicles, he is fast in completing repairs, reasonably priced, friendly, and takes after market extended warranties. After multiple nightmares at the dealer, I have finally found a great shop and at less than half the dealer price. Highly recommend Merc Werks for all your Benz service and maintenance needs.

    2008 Mercedes-Benz S 550
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  • David L Suazo
    David L Suazo6 years ago

    Finally a great place to bring my Mercedes-Benz and have service done at a reasonable price. The service is excellent. I consider my self lucky to have found Merc Werks. Mackenzie the office manager is very considerate and friendly. These people know what they are doing and I have highly recommended them to other Mercedes owners. These people are like a diamond in a hay stack, when you come to see them the first time you will be a loyal customer.

    2006 Mercedes-Benz E-350
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  • Geoff
    Geoff6 years ago

    My low mileage E500 suffered the common problem of transmission contamination by leaking radiator fluid. A Mercedes repair shop wanted to replace the rad, transmission and torque converter at a cost approaching $5,000. I took the car to Merc Werks and Rolston said first replace the faulty rad then we will do two transmission flushes and it would likely save the transmission and torque converter. The first flush resulted in a big improvement and the second although only just done has the transmission shifting seamlessly and way more quietly than before.

    Rolston could have recommended the costly option but instead, as many others have posted, he offered a fix which saved me thousands in unnecessary repairs. This inspires trust. I will be taking my Mercedes to Rolston and his knowledgeable and helpful wife in future.

    2003 Mercedes-Benz E500
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  • Jason
    Jason7 years ago

    I will never take my ML 500 to my local dealership again. MercWerks has earned my business. After getting tired of getting ripped off by my local dealer I decided to try MercWerks. They were able to handle both complex jobs like removing my transmission to replace the main seal on the engine to fixing tail lights that the dealer wanted to replace at $1000+. If your car is out of warranty you owe it to yourself to give them a try. You will not be dis-appointed. Their pricing is much more realistic (even factoring in the dealer's "free coffee", flat screen TV's leather couches and loaner car). They hooked me up with a special rate at Enterprise so the difference in convenience was minimal especially versus the cost savings. Rolston was able to quickly diagnose my issues and gave me an honest assessment of what needed to be done as opposed to a replace everything approach that the dealer was preaching. An added benefit is that you know exactly who is working on your car and their level of experience which you have no idea of at the dealership. Mackenzie kept me up to speed on all aspects of the service. If you are looking for an honest, capable and knowledgeable shop then definitely give MercWerks a try.

    2007 Mercedes-Benz ML 500
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  • Lise-Anne Jensen
    Lise-Anne Jensen7 years ago

    I came to Merc-Werks for the B Service on my 2011 C300. The dealership wanted so much money and I just couldn't do it. I called here and brought it in. Ralston and McKenzie are such nice people. They had me in and out in a short amount of time. Their prices are so fair and they tell you what you need and don't need. They even file the work they do on your carfax so there is a record of what has been done. They are just great. I will be recommending them to anyone I know who owns a Mercedes.

    2011 Mercedes-Benz C300
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  • Robert
    Robert7 years ago

    As the owner of an older Mercedes, I own my car out of passion; the folks at Merc Werks understand that passion and provided a high level of service, expertise and respect to my vehicle that has made a loyal customer out of me.

    So far, Merc Werks has replaced my A/C condenser and repaired all hydraulics for the my convertible top.

    Overall, the customer service, repair and explanation of the work done has been above board, priced appropriately and very professional.


    1997 Mercedes-Benz SL320
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  • Azton Holdings Inc
    Azton Holdings Inc7 years ago

    Found these guys through AAA. They are a family owned business. First, when a shop tells you not to do a particular work done because its just a waste of money, you can bet on it that they are as honest as it gets. I came for a tranny service and oil change. Wanted some other things done in the future but they said no don't do it because its really not needed. where can you find a shop that actually refuses your money?

    Merc Werks are the best in my opinion. Honest and trustworthy. They took me in without an appointment, finished the car in a few hours and even washed it! They only use Original Mercedes Benz fluids and parts. Now i know where to take my car in for a service!

    2008 Mercedes-Benz GL450
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  • Mike Grossman
    Mike Grossman7 years ago

    I was referred to Merc Werks by a very good friend of mine. I dropped the car off for the 27 point inspection. They presented the assessment in a very honest way, based on importance and necessity.Knowing the age, mileage on my car and what my immediate concerns were, I authorized the work. When I picked up the car, it was cleaned, the work was explained to me in person and all of the mechanical and electrical issues were corrected. The car even seemed tighter and more solid again

    I will certainly recommend Mer Werks to anyone!

    1992 Mercedes-Benz 500SL
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  • Daysi Shamy
    Daysi Shamy7 years ago

    This is hands down an all around great place to get your Mercedes-Benz service. I accidentally put regular gasoline in my husbands diesel car, I was frantic, and very nervous that I had damaged my husbands car. Rolston and his wife were such great people to work with as they calmed me down and reassured me everything will be fine. They made me feel very confident in their work as they are truly experts in servicing Mercedes cars. I definitely recommend Merc Werks without hesitation and will let all of my friends who own a Mercedes car know about them.

    2015 Mercedes-Benz E350
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  • Elida
    Elida7 years ago

    This shop is the real deal. I grew up in a family owned dealership and mechanic/auto body shop, so I know when I'm being "taken." The owner here is honest and straight forward, doesn't try to sell me what I don't need, uses the best quality parts, and is extremely fair and reasonable in price. Mechanics like these are hard to come by. I definitely recommend Merc Werks to everyone!!

    2006 Mercedes-Benz C230
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  • Manny Castano
    Manny Castano7 years ago

    After dealing with several other Mercedes mechanics and dealers, a friend of ours recommended Merc Werk.

    This friend of ours is very particular as to who repairs her car so we figured that it was worth a trip to their shop,

    After dealing with Horton and Mackenzie we figured that they were honest and very knowledgeable when it came to Mercedes vehicles, my wife and I were pleasantly surprised to see all the different types of vehicles in their shop.

    The looked at our vehicle and provided us with an excellent report of what needed to be done, what surprised us more was their price for making the necessary repairs, going forward we will continued to bring our baby (SLK 350) to their shop and would recommend them to anyone looking for a no nonsense shop,

    Kudos to Merc Werks.



    2005 Mercedes-Benz SLK 350
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  • Ricky Fowler
    Ricky Fowler7 years ago

    Recently, I had Merc Werks perform a repair on my vehicle due to a noise from my Active Body Control (ABC) Pump. A Mercedes dealership had recommended a repair that was unnecessary to resolve the noise. Upon speaking with Rolston, Merc Werks, he recommended a different course of action that resolved the noise with much less expense. As a former business owner, I can appreciate someone who has a passion for what they do for a living. Rolston and Mackenzie both have that passion and I would recommend their services to anyone who is in need of a repair and/or service to their Mercedes.

    2008 Mercedes-Benz SL 550
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  • Awni Dirdis
    Awni Dirdis7 years ago

    They have the best customer service and they explained everything in details before servicing my car I was happy to find very good prices compared to the Mercedes dealership they even showed me the parts they used on my car they were original from Mercedes. I recommend Merc Werks to everyone that owns a Mercedes.

    2011 Mercedes-Benz E350
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  • Marty Alston
    Marty Alston8 years ago

    I was at the recent, Mercedes Benz Car show at TY Park, In Hollywood where I was introduced to the excellent car care givers from Merc Werks, 954-532-2005. As I listen to a person who knew them and also to them talk about their experiences, I was in car care nirvana.

    So, I took my car to Merc Werks. I arrived a little early and Mackenzie was preparing for my arrival. I was expecting a three hour wait, but I was out in half the time. From the waiting room I could see them working on my car. Wheels off, hood and trunk open, hoses and cords hanging, transmission cover off, oil changed, brakes checked. As much time and effort as the dealer, but much more attention to details. I received a detailed report on all aspects of the car. What I should expect in the next 2 to 3 thousand miles and how much it cost to repair those items. Just rear brakes, as expected on a car with my mileage. No surprises.

    So, bottom line is this, I was very impressed with Merc Werks. I waited two weeks before writing my review and there is nothing negative to report. I am extremely happy with my experience and strongly recommend Merc Werks. This is the first time I had my car serviced by anyone other the dealer. I had a very bad experience with my local MB service center and vowed to find an alternative and I believe Merc Werks is an excellent choice.

    If you need anything additional or have any questions please call me. I can be reached at 954-559-4017.

    Marty Alston

    Pembroke Pines

    2009 Mercedes-Benz C300
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  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson8 years ago

    After we've been crooked by several Quack mechanics, a friend gave us Merc Werks' number, best thing ever happened, these people not only have reasonable prices, they seemed to be the most knowledgeable about what needed to be done to have our car up and running in a quick and efficient manner. Hard to find good mechanics like Merc these days.

    2006 Mercedes-Benz R-350
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  • Cam
    Cam8 years ago

    I purchased my first Mercedes-Benz two weeks ago from a small used car dealership. Netherless to say the Engine Light came on and the car broke down the very next day. What made matters worse, the salesman refused to issue a refund and said it was sold "as is"and it's my problem now. Angry and frustrated that I purchased a car I couldn't drive and scared of the high repair cost. I searched online to locate a Mercedes -Benz Repair Specialist and was very impressed of number of great reviews about Merc Werks. So, I decided to give them a call. Rolston and MacKenzie were awesome. They were very honest, friendly and detailed of what's going on with the car. My car needed alot of work done to get it running. Other places repair cost was too much for me . I am so happy that I found Merc Werks. I can finally drive and enjoy the car that I purchased. If you are looking for honest, knowledgable Mercedes -Benz experts with very fair prices and exceptional customer service, you will get that at Merc Werks. I also like that they document everything on CARFAX. Thank you so much Rolston and MacKenzie!

    2006 Mercedes-Benz C230
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  • sikandar
    sikandar8 years ago

    I am extremely happy and satisfied to find this shop and their work. I went to dealer to get transmission flush quote and then went to Merc Werks give it a try with and see how much they will quote, and I was surprised as it was 50% less then what dealer quoted. I would highly recommend to every body who is in south Florida and needs any work done on Mercedes should go to them!

    2008 Mercedes-Benz e350 4matic
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  • Pace Koenig
    Pace Koenig8 years ago

    Echoing all the good things everyone has mentioned. Friendly, fair and honest expert service.

    I previously worked with an expert mechanic in North Carolina for twenty happy and trusting years, but moved to Fort Lauderdale in January of this year for work. After a thorough search, Raulston was my first and thankfully last stop. He's since checked the engine light at no charge, offered expert advice, performed a 10k service, and pointed me in the right direction for tires.

    His advice and quality of work are right in line with, or better than, my previous mechanic's. Always a pleasure speaking with him and stopping by. If you're looking for fair, honest, and friendly MB expertise, then you're home.

    2000 Mercedes-Benz E320
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  • PB
    PB8 years ago

    If you've read through all of the reviews prior to this one, I imagine you have recognized a pattern. And that pattern of excellence continues in my review of Merc Werks. Having purchased or leased four new M-B's prior to purchasing this almost-classic 1991, I am a fan of the marque.

    And with new vehicles under warranty I felt more reassured using the dealer for service and repairs. Fortunately, I've never had a major failure, or one that wasn't covered by the new car warranty. With the 1991 being decades out of warranty however, I needed to find an independent mechanic who was skilled, familiar with my vehicle & trustworthy. I found all those qualities in Rolston. The vehicle needed some minor mechanical work and I additionally asked Rolston about some preventative work I had read about through online forums. He agreed with some items , and advised me to defer others as they weren't critical or appearing to be needed at that point. You don't find that integrity, or expertise, everywhere. Aside from Rolston's skills, Mackenzie his business partner and wife, keeps you thoroughly & regularly updated on the status of your vehicle. They and their other mechanics are as professional a team as you can hope to find.

    If you have a Mercedes-Benz and are not taking it to the dealer because it's out of warranty or because of the cost, there is no other place for you to consider besides Merc Werks.

    1991 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL
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  • LA
    LA8 years ago

    I am extremely pleased with Merc Werks. I was very hesitant about taking my car anywhere other than Mercedes Benz. I've had 3 Benzs, and I've always gotten them serviced at Mercedes Benz until recently. I called a Mercedes Benz dealership to get a quote on a service B, and they told me it was going to be over $1200. Out of all the years I have owned a Benz, I have never paid that much to get my car serviced. It is a 2012 with 39K miles on it. I started to do a little research online and found Merc Werks. I called and spoke to McKenzie who is very knowledgeable. She put me at ease by explaining the service in depth and informed me that they document everything on CARFAX (which is great because I am still under warranty). I decided to take the plunge and use Merc Werks. Rolston was fantastic. He took the time out to talk to me and show me exactly what products (Mobile 1 - Formula M, etc) that he was going to use on my car. He did a great job, and I highly recommend him!! I walked out of his shop spending considerably less than what MB quoted me. I am now a loyal customer.

    2012 Mercedes-Benz C250
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  • Hans van Alphen
    Hans van Alphen8 years ago

    Went to Merc Werks for a pre-Purchase Inspection on a 2010 Mercedes C300 which we were interested in buying. Both Mackenzie and Rolston were very professional, knowledgeable and helpful in our purchasing decision. Glad we spend $150.- and an hour and a half for a full report and print-out on our new car to be. Would highly recommend them.


    2010 Mercedes-Benz c300
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  • Jaye
    Jaye8 years ago

    I was at the right place at the right time for someone to recommend Rolston & his shop, Merc Werks. Best decision I've made to come here. The other reviews talk about what I would say, so let me quickly tell another story...I thought I was going to spend a lot of time waiting, so i brought my car cleaning kit to wipe car off while I wait. I was told don't worry about that. Next thing I know, after service was done, they washed my car for me. WOW! Go there forever!

    2002 Mercedes-Benz C 230 Coupe
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  • Minda
    Minda8 years ago

    I am happy to be a costumer of Merc Works. Usually I am apprehensive about auto mechanic shops, but I felt right at home here. The level of professionalism and care was outstanding. Rolston thoroughly inspected a vehicle I was going to purchase. After the inspection, he explained what he found and then gave me a detailed estimate. Going to this shop was a pleasure, and I will be coming here from now on.

    2004 Mercedes-Benz E350
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  • Vaughan
    Vaughan8 years ago

    If you are looking for a knowledgeable, competent, honest and likeable mechanic who pays attention to details and charges fair prices, visit MercWerks. I have not dealt with a better mechanic than Rolston. To further enhance the experience, Rolston's wife and partner Mackenzie, a career Mercedes service advisor, adds her knowledge and management skills.

    I was in business with my wife for thirty years and I believe this couple has all the ingredients for success.

    2007 Mercedes-Benz E550
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  • David
    David8 years ago

    I have been around the block the European repair centers most of my life. I have also been hosed most of my life.

    Having found MercWerks, I will continue to own Mercedes as long as they stay in business. As another business owner, I value honor and integrity more than anything and this organization exudes these qualities more than any other I know. From giving free, and HONEST diagnostics, to seeking ways to think outside the box with repairs, fair hourly rates, and customer service oriented follow through. I couldn't possibly be happier. thank you MercWerks.

    2002 Mercedes-Benz G500
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  • Moises
    Moises8 years ago

    Went to Merc Werks for the first time as I was looking for an alternative to the dealer. I as s very happy I did. The owner greeted me as soon as I arrived and was very knowledgeable. It was a great experience and I was able to learn so much about my car that I had yet to know. Roth took good care of me and provided me with recommendations to keep my car running great g or the next couple of years. I am glad I was able to find this Mercedes tech shop and will continue to be my go to shop from know on. Thanks Roth!

    2007 Mercedes-Benz e350
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  • German
    German8 years ago

    One of the most stressful endeavors is to find a new, good, honest, and reliable mechanic, fortunately for us in today’s cyberspace age we can research the internet for reviews prior customers have given to their mechanics based on actual experiences. Well, I was forced to embark in that adventure and came across Merc Werks which was not only close to my house, had favorable working hours, but also had reviews (all of them good!). I admit was kind of skeptical but I needed to start somewhere, therefore I decided to give it a try and went to their shop. That was a pleasant experience from the beginning since Rolston greets you in a way that makes you feel you have known him for years, and also because after I told him what the situation was he went straight to the origin of the problem and gave me a reasonable quote to fix it. I know all of this sounds too good to be true, thus do yourself a favor verify it yourself and share your experience.

    2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK 350 Convertible
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  • Hugo
    Hugo8 years ago

    I searched on the net for an independent Merc. place and came across Ralston. After talking to others I chose him due to his honest and professional answers. I had the first issue with my batteries not communicating with each other. He took a systematic approach eliminating each cause until he pinpointed the problem with the lowest cost to me! Shortly after my right low beam didn't work he took the same approach. He is honest and very knowledgeable! I would highly recommend him and Merc Werks to any of my friends and associates!

    2005 Mercedes-Benz SL500
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  • Randy
    Randy8 years ago

    Merc Werks an honest repair shop that you can trust! Rolston fixed my fog light chrome ring in one minute. He told me no charge because it was so easy to fix. I will definitely be a repeat customer because of his honesty and looking out for his customer's best interest. Thank you Rolston!

    2007 Mercedes-Benz S550
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  • Rodney Bollinger
    Rodney Bollinger9 years ago

    Rolston and Kenzie were fantastic! From the moment we first arrived until everything was complete, they treated us as if we had been lifelong customers.

    Rolston is a thorough and conscientious mechanic and a Mercedes expert. He quickly found and fixed the original issue and refused to even charge me for it because he determined it to be a miss by the previous mechanic. I had him do a full checkup as it was obvious from what he had found the previous mechanics were not doing their job. He provided a thorough and detailed checkup, found a few small things and fixed those - all at my request. He politely explained what was needed, what was recommended, and what could wait until next service, leaving me to make my own informed decision about what I wanted to have done. Not once did he try to upsell me expensive diagnostics or "extra" services or parts.

    The entire experience was completely friendly and mind-easing. They now DO have a customer for life. If you need Mercedes service and don't know where to turn or would just like to have a better service experience, I highly recommend Rolston and Merc Werks.

    2006 Mercedes-Benz C230
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  • Pete Poggi
    Pete Poggi9 years ago

    I had been having a dead battery problem for a couple of months. If I didn't use the car for 4 or 5 days,I had to have a jump start. That happened 5 times. I took it to a local shop and they said the fixed it. Well, it wasn't fixed so I went to Sears and got a brand new battery. Sears said there was nothing wrong with this battery but I told them to put a new one in anyway. Boom...I needed a jump start after 5 days of the car sitting. I called the local Mercedes dealer. They were not personable and gave me an appointment 4 days away...take it or leave it. I wanted to find someone who was really skilled in auto electrical problems and not inflate the bill and can take me when it was convenient for me. I went on line and found "Merc Werks." After reading the reviews I though they were too good to be true. Well,I have to say this was the best auto service I ever had in my life of driving Mercs or Jaguars for over 30 years! Rolston said I could bring it in right away and he would have a quick look at my symptoms. Then he offered if I wanted to leave it over night he could fix it. Not only did he find and fix the problem but he took the time to examine the entire vehicle. He had a whole sheet of what it needed with options and costs to do each when if or when I wanted..."with absolutely no pressure or scare tactics". All quotes for parts and labor were exceptionally reasonable. I will have them all done because they are sorely needed. I also have a Benz ML320 SUV that I use daily and will bring that to Rolston also. The man has a grrrreat sense of humor and a great personality along with a complete knowledge of Mercedes and other foreign cars sans the attitude or sticker shock of the dealerships. Rolston at Merc my man!! Trust him!

    2001 Mercedes-Benz CLK 320
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  • Peter Muniz
    Peter Muniz9 years ago

    We traveled 3 hours to Merc Werks to have our 2006 Mercedes checked for some issues that other mechanics would have taken advantage of. Our problem was solved and we left knowing that we were dealing with a trustworthy and honest mechanic and shop. We will travel any length to get treated the way we did. Thank you.

    2006 Mercedes-Benz C240
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  • Michael kalentek
    Michael kalentek9 years ago

    We recently purchased a Mercedes slk 230 at a local dealership. The day we received the convertible the top wouldn't open or close. Therefore, we brought our vehicle to Mercedes of Ft Lauderdale. After two weeks we finally got our car back (which I was anxiously awaiting). To our dismay the top opened once before breaking again! After doing some research via internet we found Rolston Bhola, a true Mercedes Benz specialist. Not only is Rolston professional, he is one of the few specialists that are honest (we were quoted from another dealership $3,600.00 from Mercedes of Ft Lauderdale) where as Rolston fixed our issue for $180.00, which come to find out Mercedes of Ft Lauderdale stripped a needle valve that caused this issue. My vehicle was brought into Merc Werks at 11 am and I was driving with the top down by 5pm that day! Great work Merc Werks, you are officially our new Mercedes specialist.

    1998 Mercedes-Benz slk230
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  • Trey Smith
    Trey Smith9 years ago

    I recently moved into the area from CO and was a little worried at how much it would cost me to maintain my SL55 here after leaving a great independent shop behind. I found Merc Werks from here and decided to give them a shot and I couldn't be happier. Rolston bends over backwards to make sure that my car is properly maintained and listens intently to any concerns and questions that I have. His level of quality is higher than any I've experienced at other shops and he's not constantly trying to sell you on things you don't need and in fact, offers more cost effective solutions when they are available from my experience. On top of that, he's extremely reasonable with his prices. Overall he's likely the best value, personable, and knowledgeable mechanic I have come across to date. Thank you so much Merc Werks!

    2003 Mercedes-Benz SL55
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  • Wayne H.
    Wayne H.9 years ago

    Usually skeptical of small shops. However Merc Works level of professionalism is second to none. Took my car in to the dealer for vibrations, they had me change rims, car still vibrates, took it back they sold me tires, car still vibrates. Told the story to a friend of mine and he recommended Merc Works. I was skeptical, if the dealer couldn't fix my problem how could they. But what did I have to lose, I was already in the hole for over $2500.00. I took it in to their shop where I was greeted by Rolston (real nice guy). He drove the car and told me it was my drive shaft. Problem fixed, no more vibrations. I recommend these guys 100%.

    2004 Mercedes-Benz C240 4 matic
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  • Brock Marshall
    Brock Marshall9 years ago

    Had a blow head gasket. Rolston was very knowledgeable in addressing the issues with the vechicle. Couldn't be happier with the Honesty, friendliness, price and promptness of the work performed. Nice to hear that he also stays up to date on all the new services. I did shop around and I'm very happy that I choose Merc Werks and highly recommend this shop for anyone needing service or work on thier vechicle.

    1999 Mercedes-Benz C230
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  • Steve
    Steve9 years ago

    I'm in California and needed a shop to do vehicle inspections on 2 cars I was thinking of buying. "By chance" I picked Merc Works!!

    Rolston's policy of a free inspection (which would cost over $300 per vehicle at the dealer) was not why I chose him (I found this out later). I paid him anyways.

    For each vehicle I received COMPREHENSIVE diagnostics, many photos, and his opinions. He was prompt, flexible with me as I got the dealers to deliver their vehicles, and put my mind at ease with the results.

    If you own or are thinking of buying a Mercedes, just go see Rolston. I only wish I could visit him and take him out to lunch too!

    2002 Mercedes-Benz e320
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  • OW
    OW9 years ago

    Visiting south Florida and I got stranded. I call a few friends and this Facility was highly recommended. They were very friendly and helpful and their level of expertise is second to none.I usually take my car to the dealer in my home town and i actually felt like i was treated better than the dealer at Merc Werks. My car was repaired very quickly, professionally and most important of all, the price was great. Far better price than the other facilities i checked out in the area. I would recommend Merc Werks to anyone.

    2007 Mercedes-Benz S550
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  • Erik S
    Erik S9 years ago

    Rolston IS THE MAN & Merc Werks IS THE SPOT. PERIOD. I just moved down to FL, and across the coast at that (Clearwater), but after the feedback & recommendations I received from my NY friends (as Rolston is a recent NY transplant - formerly a Shop foreman at a prestigious NYC Benz dealership) that I "must" take my car to him, I figured I should at least explore their suggestions. After an initial phone call to the shop, I was confident I had found the right guy. He had a pleasant demeanor, asked the right questions, and had the right answers. Oh! and quoted a price far below the excessive numbers I was hearing elsewhere.

    I had just picked up a cream puff 03' Clk 430 with 28k, and after coming from a w211 E55, I was feeling a little inadequate power-wise..I did my homework online and found only one "Bolt-on" option supercharger available (HPS). Me & my S/C, new H&R springs, Bilstein Struts, European front impact strip, aspherical drivers side mirror glass all took the drive (Yes! my car was jam packed!) a few hours across the state.

    To make a real long story short, I was 100% satisfied with the service and pricing I received, MY car is a MONSTER now, with a look to match. From the little touches like the use of the fender "bib" (or whatever it's called) that protects your fenders from tools/keys/etc when he's working under the hood, to the re-routing of wiring (going above & beyond HPS's less tidy recommendations) through discrete areas to maintain a factory look, to his consultation and advice regarding the lowering of my vehicle (much lower than typical), this is what you want in a mechanic; Honesty, Expertise, and best of all very fair pricing (as compared to the Stealership')

    If you have a Benz and are lucky enough to be near Rolston's shop, you owe it to yourself, your car, and your wallet to check him out. Whether for standard maintenance (I also did my front brake pads and B Serivce), or installation of custom parts, he does it all (even had his own custom built by him, turbo 'd C36 AMG).

    PS: Probably like many Benz owners, I'm a bit particular, picky, etc, etc Rolston meets and exceeds my expectations, and I'm sure he will yours. I don't look forward to spending money (ever! lol) but if and when I must on my car, I feel comfortable with Merc Werks and the honest & professional service they provide.


    2003 Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet
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