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We are a Independent Mercedes Benz Repair facility with the same Mercedes Benz Star Diagnostic computer as the dealer. We have the latest equipment for Wheel balancing and alignments. We can help you with all your Mercedes Benz Needs. Thank You and we look forward to hearing from you.

3 Reviews

  • John T
    John T2 years ago

    Finally an honest mechanic!!! Without going into tons of detail with my issue, I was told by 2 mechanics that to fix my car was going to cost in the neighborhood of $3-4000!! All from an error code on a check engine light. I took it to Mike after having been given his name from someone else who couldn't speak any higher of him. I showed up and spoke with him, told him what the others had said and estimated....I waited for about 1/2 hour and he walked in to the waiting room with an extremely reasonable $175 bill!!! What every other mechanic had said ( including mercedes) was total was a bad magnet! He KNEW what he was doing...and he was HONEST. He gets to walk around all day with a happy smile because he does what he likes, and he likes to help others and make them happy. He certainly did it with me! Super professional and I can't give him enough stars! I will be posting this review to other sites so you may see it there too, and I multi-post very infrequently, but I"m just so happy with how I was treated I feel it's the best thing I can do for everyone!

    2011 Mercedes-Benz c300
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  • Adam
    Adam3 years ago

    Big mistake going to Auto Critic!

    I should've stuck with our regular mechanic, but thought we'd try these guys since they're closer to home and proclaim to be Mercedes experts.

    We took our ML550 in to address a light on the dash - turned out it was a fuse; cost us $20 for the fuse and ONE FULL HOUR of labor @ $125!!! Huh. Who knew it took an hour to swap out a fuse. When I questioned Mike about it on the phone, he got all huffy and threw a little tantrum. When my wife picked up the car and pay the invoice, he did the same with her.

    2008 Mercedes-Benz ML550
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  • Sheri
    Sheri 4 years ago

    ONE word...RUN!

    My story is too long to vent, but bottom line is owner is a self proclaimed "know it all" and HOT HEAD who cannot give a hoot about customer service, standing behind his work, and on top of it is VERY EXPENSIVE! It is pretty bad when you get over-charged, you question it and the invoice cannot be broken down...shady! The owner just diverts by yelling and blames you.

    ~I will say however the poor gal upfront Teresa is the only saving grace to the place. She needs to really apply herself to a place that isn't so stressful, unethical, and matches her concerning attitude.

    The Better Business Bureau will be getting a report from me this time!

    2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK 350
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