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4246 Peralta Blvd.,
Fremont, CA 94536 US
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Certified Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi repair center in Fremont, CA. We have been in business for 33 years in the San Francisco Bay area. We also keep a large inventory of German car parts in stock.

2 Reviews

  • Alec Sherman
    Alec Sherman9 years ago

    When I visit it feels like I have a friend who owns an autoshop... not that I'm just another customer. Over the last one year I have taken my car to Teo at Import Motor Cars four times.

    Once was for major work done and he and his crew went beyond what was necessary to do a great job. Another time I took the car in for an evaluation and Teo's recommendation saved me a lot of money. The other two times were for very minor items that they fixed so quick they did not even charge me.

    I highly recommend this company.


    '85 Mercedes 300SL

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  • James Pearl
    James Pearl11 years ago

    I was always used to my normal franchise dealership, but since I moved I figured I would try this place. The owner carries himself as though he is better than you. From his lack of manners, to his fake personality, he made the entire experience go downhill. He completeley ignored me upon entering. A simple " hello, good morning" would be nice. Yet I stood there waiting for someone to help me. Finally the receptionist who was extremely busy typing out an email, adressed me after finally finishing her email. while the repair order was being written, I heard a man with a thick accent talk about sexually explicit personal stories, I turn only to find it is an employee. This was not appropriate conversation for a work place. I decided to just get my car serviced and leave. Upon taking my car I was surprised to find my service light not reset and oil leaking. I took it over to the franchise dealership, they reset the light and that the oil cap was missing. I decided to cut my losses, and never go back to Import motor cars. Further investigation by a friend revealed that nobody there is ASE certified, Mercedes-benz certified, and the only supposed 33 years of automotive experience is from the retired out of his league owner who hasn't picked up a wrench in over 10 years. Horrible repair shop, wouldnt trust them with a go-kart

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