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The mission of Gi Automotive Group to provide luxury vehicle owners and enthusiast's with vehicle related products, services and knowledge that fulfill their wants and needs at the right price. Our friendly knowledgeable staff will help inspire, educate and problem solve for our customers. Gi offers everything from factory service and maintenance to custom services and products.

We service all makes and models but our focus is the European brands such as.

Mercedes Benz - Audi - Porsche - BMW - Bentley - Rolls Royce - Maserati - Lamborghini - Ferrari - Aston Martin

Gi Automotive Group has in house diagnostic computers to work on all above mentioned vehicles. Some of the services and products Gi offers but are not limited to.

Service and Maintenance, oil changes, filters, belts, fluid changes, oem parts. - Major engine repair, engine rebuilds, air leaks, coolant and oil leaks, oem parts. - Alignments - Brake repair, brake pads, brake rotors. - Body repairs and collision repairs. - Vinyl wraps and clear bra, custom wraps, stickers, xpel, 3M. - Custom exhausts Akrapovic, Armytrix, Supersprint, Mansory and many others. - Bodykits and other aesthetic details Mansory, Brabus, HRE and more. - Wheels BBS, HRE and others. - Detail, paint color correction.

Gi is located in Santa Monica and is a convenient drive from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Malibu, Pacific Palisades and more. Please call or stop in today!

4 Reviews

  • Soheil
    Soheil3 years ago

    I wanted to get a car wrapped for someone's birthday and they gave me a 4-5 day quote, several weeks ahead of time. While they had my other car with them, they mentioned to me that they might be moving locations the next week and they'd update me. They didn't update me.

    I drop off the car to get wrapped on Friday morning. Their hours are 8AM to 6PM Monday through Saturday. I dropped off some wrap, told them to try to get the first part done by Monday and send me a picture. They didn't get it done.

    Monday comes, the day to start (they assured me all the wraps are available and would be there.) Turns out one of the wraps didn't arrive til like Wednesday or Thursday, if it even arrived, because we switched it to another wrap last minute Friday that was never even used in the end (aka left uncovered.) Only a single update on the car, and they took it to another random location. This was a fairly expensive car and they just drove it out past DTLA without telling me first, when they were supposed to service it in Santa Monica. Apparently only a single guy was in charge of working on it all week, in a remote location.

    I picked them because I wanted someone close by that I could trust, and I could go in and see how they were doing on the job sometime throughout the week. I didn't even get the wrap color I originally wanted, I didn't get it on time, I didn't get it serviced at the location I wanted, and they had a total of 7 business days to work on something they said would take 4-5 days and something I scheduled ahead of time I explained to them thoroughly before they started.

    Again, to wrap it up:

    1. After I specifically said I can just bring it at another time, they assured me they could get the car wrapped on time for the birthday/gift. They didn't. They couldn't even get the car halfway done to me on time.

    2. The wrap they told me was available was not available and it did not arrive on time for them to wrap a small portion of the car first so I could take a look.

    3. The service was NOT done at their location in Santa Monica and it was also not done at the location they were moving to in Beverly Hills. This was not communicated to me at all.

    4. Only one person was in charge of working on the wrap job that was time-sensitive, the bulk of their team being too busy moving locations, when I specifically took it to a place that had multiple people and I was initially told that by them that "we" would work on it, implying they would be involved themselves.

    5. It's Friday and they still have a few panels to do, the bumper, the roof, and they still need to do the chrome delete on it as well as some other parts.

    I told them to just finish the rest other than the plastidip by 6PM (since they couldn't wrap some of the parts), I thought it was agreed that was the deal and they call past 8:30PM to let me know pretty much everything is still left over that they hadn't finished during the afternoon. Again, this is past the late delivery 7-8PM, when they said they would FULLY have it done by on Friday (in the afternoon.)

    I get it, they were busy, they don't want to rush anything, but the fact that they didn't communicate any of this through their transitioning process to a new store made my experience quite bad, especially when they were told several times that this was time-sensitive and to update me on the move before they do it.

    They blamed it taking so long on the car being dirty, but they're professionals and should be able to clean it properly before a wrap. They also didn't want to initially release the car on time, even half done, and said they would have to collect 7% higher than they initially quoted, but at least 85% of the payment, even though the following was left over: front grille guard, bumper, wheels, interior, side molding, foot step, mirrors. Basically making me pay more than they actually did so I would have to go back to them to finish the job, even though I do not feel comfortable using them anymore.

    They're also making me sign something first before they hand over the car, without even showing the car.

    2014 Mercedes-Benz G550
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  • David
    David5 years ago

    We’ve been taking our 2001 Mercedes ML 430 to GI Automotive in Santa Monica for general maintenance checks for years now and I can say that prevention is always better than cure. We have been customers of GI Automotive for a while now and we’d like to think of Amber as a friend or even a sister. Whenever we have problems with the ML 430, I always call Amber and the Mercedes experts over at GI Automotive thoroughly checks the vehicle to find the root cause of problems which they always manage to fix with no recurring issues at all, like that time the door locks were acting up and they figured out that the electrical switches in the door latch failed so they repaired it. There was also an incident some time ago when the car’s power window main switch failed and the Mercedes mechanics fixed it quickly. So I’m really happy and I think they are the best auto repair shop when it comes to Mercedes and other European cars. It’s nice knowing the people who are taking care of your vehicle are fully knowledgeable and know exactly what they’re doing. We’re a fan of GI Automotive and we wish them the best in their business. Please continue doing great service for everyone and see you at our next scheduled maintenance check!

    2011 Mercedes-Benz ML 430
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  • Howardh
    Howardh5 years ago

    The Mercedes mechanics at GI Automotive in Santa Monica are terrific! I’m so glad Amber have these guys to work on my Mercedes SLK. My front bumper got a dent when my brother accidentally swung a golf club near the car and hit it. It wasn’t a major problem but there were cracks and I just couldn’t stand it. Now GI Automotive did an amazing work and I think they are the best auto repair shop for any Mercedes-Benz. Their customer service is awesome and they never failed to update me with work progress during the time of the repair. No repair is too minor or too major for GI Automotive. If you got any Mercedes concerns, you can always get your car checked and get an estimate of the cost first. But I’m telling you for the price they charged me and the great quality of work that they’ve done, everything is worth it! Great first time experience with GI Automotive and I’m definitely taking my SLK back to them for my upcoming maintenance check. Thanks, guys!

    2008 Mercedes-Benz SLK
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  • Smith
    Smith5 years ago

    Two weeks ago, I got replacements for brake sensor and brake pads on a 2003 Mercedes-Benz SL500 at GI Automotive in Santa Monica. I couldn’t believe they actually had a same-day brake service and they did an amazing job with my Mercedes. I know they have the best Mercedes specialists working at GI Automotive as I’ve been hearing lots of good things about them from friends and family who have visited the auto repair shop. GI Automotive installed brand new sensors on my SL500 and also replaced the worn stock pads with Akebono ceramics on all four wheels. I haven’t experienced any problems so far and I think they did a really great job with the brake services. I feel super safe driving my SL500 and to me that’s all that matters. I highly recommend going to GI Automotive if you want work done fast on your brakes and if you want great same-day service and high quality work done by Mercedes specialists. Your safety in driving is very important and that’s what GI Automotive delivers.

    2003 Mercedes-Benz SL500
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