Winter Mercedes-Benz Care: Tires & TPMS

Published 6 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Check the pressure of your tires monthly, especially in the winter

Check the pressure of your tires monthly, especially in the winter.
Photo Credit: Jack Lyons

This winter has been brutal for many motorists (it has even snowed a few times in the South!). When the temperature plummets and the icy elements are in full swing, your tires take a toll.

If your Mercedes-Benz is equipped with a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), you may notice it lighting up more often in the colder months, especially in the morning after a chilly night. This is because for every 10 degree drop in temperature, tire pressure decreases 1 to 2 PSI (pound per square inch).

The TPMS is designed to alert you when your tire pressure is too low, which may indicate vehicle safety is at risk, that may include possible tire failure, wear/tear, vehicle handling problems and lower fuel economy. The TPMS warning light illuminates when air pressure in a tire on your vehicle is 25% below the recommended pressure for your particular vehicle model.

Tire pressure should definitely be checked monthly, and especially when there is drastic weather change, such as during the winter months. Also, it is imperative to inspect the sidewall and check the tread depth, since icy roads can become extremely dangerous if your tires do not have good traction. Snow tires and/or chains may be an option for you if you live in a snowy climate.

You can find your vehicle’s proper tire inflation recommendations in your owner’s manual or on the inside label of your vehicle (check the door!).

Don’t let the cold temperatures of winter damage your vehicle’s tires! Your local Mercedes-Benz repair expert can inspect the tires on your Mercedes-Benz and tell you more about how to care for them. Find one in your area today!