Mercedes-Benz Transmission Care – Prolonging Your Transmission’s Life

Published 9 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Prolong your transmission's life.

Prolong your transmission's life.
Photo Credit: Eric Kornblum

As the most complex part of your Mercedes-Benz, the transmission has an abundance of parts and functions to power your Mercedes-Benz.

Oftentimes transmission care is overlooked since it doesn’t have as many regular services as other components of your automobile. Here are some ways to prolong your transmission’s life:

  • Check/change transmission fluid level: The fluid in an automatic transmission cools the transmission, lubes internal transmission parts, and transfers hydraulic pressure to shift gears. Have the fluid level checked regularly because over time it deteriorates. Your local Mercedes-Benz mechanic can help you check the level and change to the proper type of fluid, if necessary.
  • Be aware of leaks: Checking underneath your vehicle for leaks or puddles of fluid. Get to your expert Mercedes-Benz shop if you should spot any.
  • Properly tune your engine/check drivetrain components: Make sure your engine is running properly to reduce transmission stress, and have all your drivetrain components examined by an expert Mercedes-Benz tech.
  • Allow vehicle to warm up before driving: (especially in cold weather). Give your transmission fluid some time to sufficiently warm up to operating temperature, so it can lube the proper components.
  • Cooling system service: Take your Mercedes-Benz to a respectable ###name## service center and have them examine the cooling system to make sure it’s at proper level, and strength.
  • Install a transmission cooler: If you live in a hot climate and have to deal with stop and go traffic, or if you plan to tow heavy loads, a trans cooler will help keep the temperature down and your transmission from overheating.

By investing in the care of your transmission now, rather than later, this will help you prolong its life and save you money down the road.

Stay tuned for our next Mercedes-Benz Transmission Care article, next week, Transmission Troubles to Watch Out For.

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