Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Mercedes-Benz

Published 6 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Spring clean your vehicle today!
Photo Credit: Steve Snodgrass

It looks like the whole country has caught up and we are in the thick of spring now, finally. Those rainy afternoons and dustings of pollen (especially if you live in the south) can dirty up your vehicle fast. Just like you “spring clean” your home, spring cleaning your Mercedes-Benz is important too. Here are a few spring cleaning tips for your vehicle.

Clear Fallen Debris: Mother Nature may have left your Mercedes-Benz with dead leaves, twigs, pollen and debris in the crevices of your vehicle and under the hood or trunk area. Clear these fallen items out, as they could potentially block your vehicle’s air intake, thus resulting in poor vehicle performance.

Wash With Underside Hose: Those dirty salt roads you had to navigate on in winter (or even just a few weeks ago, up north) could cause rusting on the undercarriage of your Mercedes-Benz. Take your Mercedes-Benz to a local, commercial car wash shop where you can hose off any remaining salt deposits.

Interior Cleaning: Wash the upholstery with a damp towel or cleaner specialized for carpeting/upholstery for vehicles, wipe down the dash with a dust cloth, and vacuum the floors/seats to remove any leaves, rocks or other particles that have entered your vehicle.

Exterior Cleaning: Of course a thorough cleaning and waxing of your Mercedes-Benz’s exterior is necessary to remove dirt and grime, so it doesn’t damage the paint and finish of your slick ride.

Unclutter The Trunk: Items can pile up in your trunk over time. Clean it out so your Mercedes-Benz has better mileage from towing less weight.

It’s always a good idea to inspect your vehicle periodically, such as the start of a new season. If you notice anything that looks damaged or shows signs of wear, or if you feel/hear/smell anything off while driving, take it in to your local Mercedes-Benz repair shop and consult with a qualified Mercedes-Benz technician.

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