Simple Tips on How to Go Green With Your Mercedes-Benz

Published 5 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Simple Tips on How to Go Green With Your Vehicle.

Go Green with your vehicle today!
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As the season changes from the dark winter to the bright spring, it’s a good time to talk about going green and how to become more eco-friendly with your Mercedes-Benz.

Help protect the environment with this short list of some easy ways to make your Mercedes-Benz more green-friendly.

Maintain Your Mercedes-Benz Routine Service Schedule – Helps your vehicle run smoothly and produce less emissions, and even improve fuel efficiency.

Properly Dispose of Fluids, Motor Oil & Batteries – For a safer, cleaner environment.

Recycle Tires – Tires can be refurbished and broken down to form other products.

Drive Slower – Go the speed limit and eliminate quick stop ‘n go motions to reduce emissions, all while saving your money from the reduced gas usage you’ll encounter.

Don’t Top-Off at the Pump – Gas is toxic and harmful vapors may be released if you top-off, not to mention any spilled gas can seep into our groundwater.

Clean Out Your Trunk/Lighten the Load – Extra weight can cause the engine to work harder, you will also get better mileage from towing less weight.

Go to the a Commercial Car Wash – Driveway washing sends oils, gas and residue straight to the storm drains which may end up in rivers, streams and the ocean. Plus, you generally use much more water than needed. Car washes are required to drain water run-off into sewers (where it gets treated before being dispersed into the waterways) and use high-pressure nozzles for minimal water usage.

Use Less AC/Open the Windows/Park in the Shade – To help cool your vehicle off without having to use the A/C on full blast.

…Ride a Bike, Walk or Carpool!

….Get a Hybrid or Electric Car!

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