Can I Get Reimbursed For a Recalled Mercedes-Benz Part I Just Replaced?

Published 10 years ago — by Lisa Federico

Please pay here, vehicle manufacturer

Your vehicle's manufacturer should pay for that recalled part you just replaced.
Photo Credit: Steven Depolo

So you replaced that expensive Mercedes-Benz part in your Mercedes-Benz a few months ago, only to find out that it has recently been recalled. Should you be reimbursed by the manufacturer for the Mercedes-Benz part you just had repaired?

In short, yes. Your vehicle’s manufacturer will cover the replacement of the recalled part, as long as you went to a qualified mechanic who used original equipment factory (OEM) parts for the repair.

According to this article, “Federal regulations state that automakers are required to reimburse for costs to fix a defect as long as receipts for the repairs are submitted.”

So, be sure to keep all of your invoices from the original repair. Your qualified, independent Mercedes-Benz mechanic will have a record of these invoices. It’s also a good idea to keep any other important documentation relating to the recall, such as the recall notice.

If you have problems with the claim, and are denied reimbursement costs at first, like this lady in California, don’t give up just yet. You can always appeal to a higher level, and hopefully you’ll have the same luck as the California lady.

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