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7010 Three Chopt Rd,
Richmond, VA 23226 US
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Family owned business for over 30 years. Established WFC in 1986. Only Independent repair shop in Richmond to provide Mercedes authorized Star Diagnostic factory board computer diagnostics.

Full auto service and repair shop.

Call Sam or Joe Haboush at 804-282-1900 to schedule your next service, or for any questions regarding your Mercedes.

Open 5 days a week
Monday through Friday
7:00 am to 5:00 pm

19 Reviews

  • John Scott
    John Scott1 year ago

    My son was driving our E350 and the engine basically locked up and went into limp mode. He was able to make it to a nearby repair shop run by family friends, but we knew they weren't Mercedes specialists. They could not figure out what was wrong, so it was towed to another shop, also family friends. Although they do quite a bit of work on Mercedes, they were unable to fix it. They recommended Sam, who I had heard of but had not used before. The news was bad, a total loss of compression in three cylinders, and the best repair was an engine replacement. Sam was very courteous, and within 3 days had located an engine and dropped it in. The car is back on the road, drives great, and was done for what I feel was a very fair price. I would definitely recommend Sam and the group at WFCS.

    2012 Mercedes-Benz E350
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  • Daniel Dempsey
    Daniel Dempsey1 year ago

    Joe treated me like family. I was on day 2 of my road trip from DC to Key West when my car wouldn't shift out of 1st gear. I was stuck and at their mercy, they made room for me in their busy schedule and got me back on the road as soon as possible. They knew I wouldn't be a repeat customer as I live in Key West and I had never been there before but they fit me in because they could see that I needed help, they're good people.

    1997 Mercedes-Benz 320SL
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  • Jack Cowardin
    Jack Cowardin2 years ago

    My C320, a recently purchased used car, was in "limp mode," not shifting out of 2nd gear. I though I had a serious transmission problem. WFC technicians looked at the car minutes after I arrived with no appointment, cleared some codes, and I was back on the road within an hour for a minimal fee. I was amazed. This just does not happen with Mercedes repair shops. But it did here. They have earned my trust and I will not hesitate to bring my C class or my SL 500 to them for any service the cars may require.

    2002 Mercedes-Benz C320
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  • Tommy
    Tommy2 years ago

    These guys are the best and greet you with a smile before and after the repair. They keep my +200k Mercedes going like a top.

    2007 Mercedes-Benz R350
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  • frank
    frank2 years ago

    In the last 2 years I have had at least 4 repair jobs done by this repair shop. All repairs were done excellent but I am writing today about the last 2. In November I received an estimate to have the front passenger seat repaired because it came off the track. When I picked up the car the bill was $100 less than the estimate. When I asked why I was told it was done with less work than the estimate called for, I could have been billed the estimate amount or more. The owners are very honest and the repair was excellent. Today I had another repair. After a test ride I was told the car needed a transmission mount replaced. After the work was done I was told to take the car for a test ride and if the noise / vibration was not gone they would take out the new part for no charge. The car rode excellent. Not only are they honest but they know what they are doing.

    2010 Mercedes-Benz E350 Coupe 2010
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  • Ali
    Ali7 years ago

    My first time here. Excellent service. Changed a leaking fuel injector and the motor mounts within a day of bringing the car there. $$ less than the dealership. They know their Benz's. Highly recommend them for good, prompt service and reasonable rates.

    2006 Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI
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  • Len Orlowski
    Len Orlowski7 years ago

    World Foreign Car services Mercedes automobiles exclusively. WFC is the only shop in Richmond I will let touch my car (would have to change makes if WFC were not here). I've used WFC for 15+ years. Sam and Joe keep their word, are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and reasonably priced. WFC is family owned and operated since 1986 for good reason.

    1984 Mercedes-Benz 300 TD
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  • Jackie
    Jackie8 years ago

    I love World Foreign Foreign Car Sevice and will take my car any where else. Sam and Joe go out of their way to help customers and are always courteous. Their prices are reasonable and they are excellent in determing what the problem is and what needs to be done. As a single female, I have always been treated with respect and dignity.

    I have referred friends to this business and they too have been pleased. Give World Foreign Car Service a call, I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

    2000 Mercedes-Benz 320E
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  • Louise Thompson
    Louise Thompson8 years ago

    I have not only bought 3 Mercedes from Sam but have had all service and work done with WFC. I totally trust them and am completely satisfied. I can call them anytime with a question, they have fixed minor items (stuck ashtray, truck not locking / lining up properly etc) just by my driving in, looking at it and making a minor adjustment to fix at no charge. They may sound over the phone per other reviews to be aloof, but they have hearts of gold, and very trust worthy.

    2007 Mercedes-Benz S500
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  • Cuarzt
    Cuarzt8 years ago

    Extraordinarily rude on the telephone, made it clear my business didn't matter to him. First time ive called this business to arrange a good time to bring the car in for service; it is most certainly the last. Unfortunately, two others in my practice have sworn the place off and I didn't listen. Nothing worse than being offended when trying to give someone your money!

    Mercedes-Benz Clk 500
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  • Ashton Harrison
    Ashton Harrison8 years ago

    They found and fixed an electrical problem that had been draining my battery for years! I had taken it to the dealer numerous times for this and bought several batteries. They have also fixed numerous other problems with my 1997 convertible, always wtih a reasonable bill! I will never take my Mercedes anywhere else.

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  • Leslie
    Leslie9 years ago

    The customer service here is top notch. I've had my car serviced here several times and I cannot think of one time I was dissatisfied. My car shut off on me while driving on the highway in the middle of the night and not knowing what to do I had it towed to the local Mercedes dealership. Well after I was quoted a price over $800 for some belt work and hose on a C230 (REDICULOUS) I called World Foreign Auto and was quoted literally half the price. Needless to say I had my car retowed to World Foreign Auto where I get twice the quality at half the price!

    I wouldn't trust my car any place else!

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  • Michael richardson
    Michael richardson9 years ago

    My wife and I each drive a Mecerdes and we will not let any other mechanics service our vehicles! Nuff said.

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  • Clare Lancaster
    Clare Lancaster9 years ago

    I came to World Foreign Car Service after finding out I needed a catalytic converter replaced and thought it was so expensive I should have it priced somewhere other than the dealer. Sam gave me a price of one-half the amount quoted realizing that he was not replacing all the piping, etc. which a dealer is required to replace. However, if I had wanted that done he would have sold me the part with his discount. Just received a call that my car was ready and he discovered that the converter did not need to be replaced, only the bracket holding it. Therefore, instead of a bill of over $600 from him (and what would have been twice that from dealer) , it cost me $68. I feel like I have received a pay raise! They have won my loyalty!

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  • Jim Covington
    Jim Covington9 years ago

    World Foreign Car has provided us and our cars excellent service for 15 plus years. Sam is straight forward, and honest. He completes the job in a timely manner .and at a reasonable price.He and Joe and their mechanics are top notch. Jim Covington

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  • Ginny Boulos Killam
    Ginny Boulos Killam9 years ago

    Having used World Auto for a few repairs on my 2001 S430 in the past as a single woman, I was quite satisfied with my service and ALWAYS treated like a lady by the two gentlemen owners. In fact I was recommended by another women who raved about their integrity and good workmanship.

    Now having just been married I introduced my husband to World Automotive and he is so impressed with the diagnostic abilities of Joe the owner and the business sense of Sam, that we just made a major purchase of a 2008 S550, then had Sam broker our old car too. We plan on sending all our friends!

    I can't possibly imagine what Mrs. Bandes is speaking about! The people at World Foreign Car Service are very professional!

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  • Luke Gergoudis
    Luke Gergoudis10 years ago

    World Foreign Car Service is simply the best independent Mercedes shop in the Richmond area. The owners/technicians have rebuilt my 722.4 transmission, replaced my 4matic CV boots, and installed my new waterpump among many other things. The work quality is amazing! This is a family-run business that does an honest job.

    Every time I call the shop, Sam and Joe give me expert advice and even help with do-it-yourself projects. The lot at World Foreign Car is full of everything from 80s diesel W123s to late-model S class W221s...a testament to their true expertise.

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  • C Wesley Lucas
    C Wesley Lucas10 years ago

    I could not help but contrast my experience with that of the preceding reviewer. I cannot imagine this kind of behavior based on my experience.

    I called after finding World Foreign Car Service on this website. I spoke with Joe and described my problem (I could not get my glove box open). Joe said he could pretty much envision what was wrong and could fix it in five minutes. I said I'd be there shortly, as I was in the neighborhood.

    When I arrived, somehow Joe, whom I'd never seen, discerned that I was the one he had talked to. I was in the process of parking, when he said to just sit where I was. He went to work on the glove box; and though it took about 15 minutes, he fixed it expertly. When I tried to pay him, he waved me off and said it was no charge.

    So, I then made an appointment with him to fix two other issues with my car, both of which were not critical. He said to just bring it by; and he'd take care of it. He gave me an estimate for the extra work that I considered to be quite reasonable, considering what I had been paying the Mercedes Dealership.

    I have only accolades for Joe and this establishment. They are mechanics (and good ones at that). They are not into uptown manners - so, I can see how the lady might have misinterpreted something they might have said. But, for my money, rude, loud, or otherwise, I'll take them any day.

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  • Erica Bandes
    Erica Bandes11 years ago

    I used World Foreign Car Service for several years. I never stinted on the work that I was told needed to be done. I always paid my bill in full immediately . Yet every single time I took my car there, I was treated like a second class citizen. I was yelled at by the owner, Sam, and talked to very rudely. I finally had my husband take the car in, and he was treated properly, like a good paying customer ( I know this , as I was with him at the time). I finally realized that Sam treated men differently than women as customers. It is a pity. They did a good job at a reasonable price. But treating a customer in a consistently rude manner is no way to run a business.

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