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Reasonable, responsive, and reliable Mercedes-Benz repair in Richmond, VA since 1992. Specializing in German and Japanese auto repair, we strive to offer you the best service at the most price affordable.

We have dealer diagnostic equipment that allows our Mercedes-Benz technicians to quickly and accurately diagnose and repair your Mercedes-Benz.


  • I highly recommend these guys. Excellent service, reasonably priced, and all around wonderful experience. As others have noted, the place is a "diamond in the rough," and I can only imagine it's not the prettiest shop in the world is because they spend more time on what matters: getting your car fixed.

  • This is by far the best place to take your car when it needs to be worked on. They are reasonable on price and very friendly. They have worked on every car that I have owned in the past 7 years.

8 Reviews

    MARK MOORE5 months ago

    Started using Sanko Auto Repair in 2015 and had good experience until July 2019 when I took Mercedes to Behkit for a rattling noise that was coming from drivers front side and was told it was a caliper bolt, so he ordered and replaced but this did not fix problem, then Behkit told me that it was the caliper bracket and that he was trying to avoid replacing it in the initial diagnoses due to being costly. I found and ordered part for him to replace and his son replaced part but this did not fix rattling problem, so I was going out of town for a few days and told them that I would call when back in town. Upon returning I called Behkit and asked if he had time that morning to look at other possibilities for rattling noise and he told me that he was done with my vehicle and that he was not going to look at anymore. This made me very upset and wanted to ask that my money be refunded but I decided to take to my other mechanic that works on my other cars. This other mechanic found and fixed problem within an hour; it had nothing to do with caliper but was as simple as tightening lower shock bolt and he also found that the caliper bracket bolt was loose as well. After having found problem and fixed I called Sanko and spoke with Behkit's son and told him about the conversation I had with Behkit that morning and that I had another mechanic diagnose the problem correctly and had been fixed and that I would take my business elsewhere due to the fact that I didn't appreciate that Behkit blew me off after being a long time and loyal customer. I don't usually give bad reviews but in this case I feel it was warranted based on service and communication I received but more so for the horrible lack and value when it comes to customer service and appreciation. Goodbye Sanko!

    1998 Mercedes-Benz c230
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  • Greg Jones
    Greg Jones 10 months ago

    Been going to Sanko for over 26 years, Bekit has been the nicest most helpful person I ever met. He and his brother are the best always fair and honest. They always find the problem. I'll never go anywhere else. Thank you Sanko!!

    2008 Mercedes-Benz S550
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  • Freeman
    Freeman1 year ago

    I don't normally do this but because of exceptional service I feel compelled to say to all of you who have paid too much at dealerships that may or may not fix your problem, you would be well-advised to give Sanko Auto Repair at this location a chance to change your mind about luxury car repair. Thank you.

    2004 Mercedes-Benz S430
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  • Frank
    Frank3 years ago

    Awful experience. Bekhit was extremely rude when giving an opinion about the issue I have with my car based on my experience. They suggested me to replace parts that cost me tons of money and it wasn't right fix. Waste of money and time, extremely frustrating. Never again.

    2006 Mercedes-Benz S-class
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  • Monica
    Monica4 years ago

    My first time going to Sanko Auto Repair was today. I couldn't thank these guys enough for cleaning up and fixing what another mechanic did and messed up. Thank u so much and I will be coming back.

    2008 Mercedes-Benz R350
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  • Eric
    Eric4 years ago

    Very satisfied customer for more than 10 years. I've owned BMW and MB alike. Sanko Auto Repair always keeps cars running in tip top shape and are very affordable.

    2002 Mercedes-Benz S430
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  • Jimeeka
    Jimeeka4 years ago

    Prior to today's (7/8/15) interaction with Bekhit, I've been satisfied with the services of Sanko Auto Repair. For maybe 2-3 years, I've trusted the recommendations of both Peter & Bekhit. As my Coolant/Check Level light continued to appear in my vehicle, I was told (by both gentlemen) I need to replace my water pump. Following their recommendations, I've recently allowed them to put a new water pump in my vehicle. 2 days later the same light came back on. I took my car back inquiring on the reasons the light re-appeared. My question was brushed off (by Bekhit) and I was told something about pressure, I needed to continue driving the car around & lastly, "They are there if I need to bring the car back". Since purchasing a new water pump in May, I continue to drive with coolant in my trunk for the purpose of replenishing when the message illuminates. I continued to see coolant in the bottom of the inside of the car & it leaks on the ground, but I couldn't determine the reason. I've recently learned my radiator is leaking, which is causing the coolant level to decrease and the continued re-appearance of the message. I just took my car to Sanko with inquiries. First Bekhit detached a small hose looking part and continued to ask me how often am I putting coolant in my vehicle & how often. I provided honest answers (1-2 times weekly & I don't know how much...I put the funnel to the coolant place & pour until full). He also asked me if I'm adding coolant or water. I proceeded to the trunk of my vehicle and presented to him the coolant I use, which was recommended by Peter. Bekhit instructed me to return in the morning with my vehicle so he can look at the water pump, etc, etc. I asked, "If you just put a new water pump in my car, why would the water pump be the problem and not the radiator, hose, etc". It is evident my inquiries annoyed Bekhit. The manner in which I was spoken to & the responses to my questions were unprofessional, causing Sanko to lose a valuable & loyal customer.

    2004 Mercedes-Benz E500
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  • Gary
    Gary5 years ago

    Took my 2008 Mercedes C300 to Sanko for an oil change. Noticed immediately after picking up the car that it ran very rough. This continued over the weekend until I finally took it to the dealer to locate the problem. Sanko did not put the air seals back on the car following the oil change. This caused an airflow issue making the car run rough. The Sanko oil change cost me $120 and Mercedes charged $130 to fix the problem. This was a $250 oil change. Never again.......

    2008 Mercedes-Benz C300
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