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The owner of MBH was originally involved in purchasing Mercedes vehicles from Germany back in the 1960s and also in the 1980s. He soon quit his job teaching Mechanical Engineering at a local university to begin full time servicing of Mercedes Benz cars. Our modern-day Mercedes-Benz Center now specializes in sales, service and body work. In addition, for those interested in purchasing vehicles, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we guarantee we will find the car of your choice.

These cars are thoroughly inspected and generally purchased from the Southeast where vehicles are not as exposed to harsh driving conditions and are better maintained.

The cars for sale at MBH are handpicked from a selection of hundreds of Mercedes-Benz vehicles made available to us by Mercedes-Benz.

We like to repair your car at the lowest possible price by true troubleshooting and not just replacing parts by trial and error. We believe the customers are always right, and they are not imagining things. We like to ask questions to find out why there is a problem, how and when it came to existence; and ultimately strive to satisfy the customer. We like to carefully listen to the customers’ statement and talk to those actual persons who had difficulty with the automobile. There are times that the problems are intermittent. If we can not reproduce the problem and there is no danger involved, we then ask the customer to drive the car after we have performed a small operation; if the problem comes back then we look again. We take time and exercise patience in trouble shooting vehicles.

5 Reviews

  • Jason Sampson
    Jason Sampson6 months ago

    I would avoid this place by all means! I tried to support a small local business, but all I ended up doing was wasting my time. To sum up, I needed an oil change, state inspection, and an alignment; simple tasks. On Monday I called to see their availability. I was given a Wednesday 9am appt. Wednesday, the car was dropped off and keys given to a technician before they technically opened (only employee there). 4:45 I call and only the oil change had been done so I arrive to pick it up anyways because I can't go another day without a car. The owner promises me that my car will be done in the morning and offers a loaner car. I gladly accept. 4:45 Thursday, again I have not heard from the shop so I call. Again, only the oil change has been completed. I arrive to take the car as I realize I'm better off taking it somewhere else. When I arrive the owner makes every excuse for it not being done and tries to make another promise of it being done in the morning. I wasn't going to make that mistake again. For the heck of it, I asked how many cars were ahead of me for the inspection. Get this, he said 10. So you're saying my car has now been with them for 2 full days and there are still 10 cars in front of me? Do you think he could have told me that when I went to pick it up the first day? I looked around the parking lot and there weren't even 10 cars in the parking lot. This morning, I went to my normal auto repair place (was preferring to have a Mercedes worked on by people more knowledgeable about Mercedes than I take my American vehicles) and the inspection was done before 8:30am. The owner of MBH is a nice guy but clearly doesn't know how to run a shop.

    2011 Mercedes-Benz E350 Wagon
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  • Dearl Duncan
    Dearl Duncan2 years ago

    January 11, 2018

    This was my first visit here, and will be my last as well. They never called me with a diagnosis or an estimate, I had to call them every day to learn that they were still not done and waiting on parts for days. The repair ( a fuel pump and a few hoses and clamps ) was almost $1,000 which I felt was extremely high and they never gave me an estimate or told me what they were doing.

    The repair did not solve our complaint that we brought the car in for, and I could not tell anything was ever really done to the car ( no old parts shown or anything ).

    I would be afraid to ever go back here again.

    2005 Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI
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  • cheryl s thomas
    cheryl s thomas2 years ago

    My experience with MBH of Virginia was exceptional. Sam and his staff are professional and focused . They solved a difficult and perplexing problem concerning the transmission on my 2007 C230 Sport Mercedes. I was kept informed, and educated as to what work was going to be performed and why.

    My 2007 now runs better than it did when I purchased it new. My sincere thanks!

    2007 Mercedes-Benz C 230
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  • Stuart Ashman
    Stuart Ashman3 years ago

    MBH has been servicing and repairing my Benz since July 2010. I am a very satisfied customer and I highly recommend them to any Mercedes-Benz owner

    1999 Mercedes-Benz E320
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  • Sara
    Sara6 years ago

    I get my car regularly serviced and repaired here. Highly recommend.

    2002 Mercedes-Benz ML500
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