MBI Motors

1309 SE Hawthorne Boulevard,
Portland, OR 97214 US
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Portland’s best Mercedes and BMW repair center.

5 Reviews

  • Shaun
    Shaun6 years ago

    This shop has been going downhill since the day Sig the original owner sold it. They have now added BMW's to their "expertise". No doubt due to the massive loss of business they have incurred.

    Sincerely if you have an older Mercedes, avoid them.

    1975 Mercedes-Benz 240d
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  • Edward Magner
    Edward Magner7 years ago

    Below are the two reviews I left previously. (Jun 2012 and Dec 2011) During the last month, MBI has taken care of 2 more items: a full transmission service & front brakes. Again, all went very well, as usual.

    I bought the 1995 E 320 back in 2011, after some normal repairs had been fairly neglected. I have had MBI take care of everything that came up. Since the June, 2012 Review, they have also repaired a short in an air bag, the driver's window regulator, and found/replaced large cracks in the main drive belt. All the repairs they have ever done for me have been completed with no flaws, defects, or oversights on anything, and at the least possible cost.

    The owner still personally checks out any problem that is "not routine", and then assigns it to "the right technician". And then checks or drives the car after repair. They also check for other serious problems that may be coming up next. Still, they have never tried to sell me anything that I didn't absolutely need. The 10-total repairs they have done since 2011 appear to have been very-high-quality work, with no problems. I am still Very-Very-Happy with their long-term Experience & Wisdom. Highly Recommend. Good Shop...

    Ed Magner, Central Portland

    1995 Mercedes-Benz E320
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  • Ed Magner
    Ed Magner8 years ago

    Six months ago I left a review for "MBI Motors", Portland, OR. A year ago I bought a 1995 E 320 sedan, still in good condition, and have been "making it perfect".

    I have now had 6 Excellent experiences with MBI: differential mounts, full front brake parts, water pump, serious oil leak, routine tune-up, alignment. Each time, beforehand, I talked with "Corbin" (newer owner) about what needed to be done, and the cost. Each time, all went Flawlessly, and at estimated cost.

    This is a -remarkable- shop. And these are very good people to work with. They have a comprehensive website named "MBImotors", which gives some details of their history & experience in the "About" section. All the technicians that I have talked with were in the 20-to-30 year range of experience, and Very Sharp. (old owner, "Sig", still spends every Monday there)

    What seems to make this medium-sized shop work so well is: Corbin has 30 years of solid Mercedes experience, and actually checks out the problems on the cars when they come in, and then assigns them to "just the right technician". He also kind-of "inspects the car" while the work is in progress. He has given me good-clear answers to all on my technical questions, so I know "exactly what is going on".

    You can simply go by the shop, and talk with Corbin, or others, and you will get a good idea of the quality & reasonable cost of their work (which is how I found the place...). Good Thing ! Ed in Central Portland.

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  • John
    John9 years ago

    Sadly MBI has been sold and Sig and his signature lab coat are no longer there. I have been going to MBI with my Mercedes for over 12 years, was always dealt with fairly and trusted the guiding expertise of Sig over his shop.

    On my last visit to this shop for an oil change, I experienced what was nothing less than cheesy used car pressure sales tactics as I was passed between a mechanic and a Sales "specialist". I was told I needed over $2,400 in repairs. Over Half of the repairs were ones that I had already completed a year ago (parts still shiny and in perfect working condition). Another repair that I was quoted over $400 for was actually a loose bolt. I decided to not challenge and escape with my car and my hand clutching my wallet.

    This is no longer the Mbi that I have felt so lucky to live near.

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  • Edward Magner
    Edward Magner9 years ago

    I am retired from a 30 year engineering career. I value serious things being done rationally, methodically, conclusively. In May, 2011, I bought a 1995 - E320 (W124) that had been well taken care of. Then I wanted a deep, thorough inspection of Everything. For $120, they did an over-all "Pre-purchase Inspection" of some 100 items with notes, and only found 2 small oil leaks, and hair-line cracks starting to form on the differential mounts, which they said could wait for 6 months. The inspection was an Excellant Investment. During the inspection, Corbin did find that the 30 amp fuse for the Aux Coolling Fans had burned out, and replaced it for the cost of the fuse only. [critical for emergency prevention of over-heating...] Two weeks later, I asked for a rough estimate of possible future replacement of some of the cooling system, fans, etc., and got a good "master list" of what I may possibly want to do in the future. Then I had the viscous cooling fan replaced, and it worked out exactly as the estimate said. Corbin (newer owner) had some 28 years experience, and had owned a shop back in Florida, before moving here a few years ago. In talking with the "technical service people" several of them had around 20 to 30 years experience. They said Corbin sends several of them each year to Mercedes technical training for the newer cars. While in the shop, I noticed that Corbin himself "checks into the problems on incoming cars", before assigning the repairs to one of the technicians. He also gave clear-and-simple answers to any of the questions I had on possible future maintenance/repairs: i.e., what would be critical to have done next & when.

    I recently went in to have a "winter oil change", and found the same methodical & conclusive style of work. (they now have a website which may be used for scheduleing repairs, etc., at www.mbimotors.com.) They noticed a "heater cover panel" which had been lost, and replaced it for the small cost of the part only. Because of the years of experience & technical competence & methodical approach they all have, I have a sense of well-being for manageing anything I may need to do in the future. Ed in Central Portland

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