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European auto specialists! Providing Mercedes-Benz repair and service for motorists in St. Louis, Brentwood and Chesterfield, MO.

6 Reviews

  • Hani Alkhankan
    Hani Alkhankan 3 years ago

    I took my E350 Mercedes to Eric which was my first time. I am very impressed by his detailed check up and excellent service. He gave me an estimate for car's problems and advised me to start with high priority problems first. Job was done within few hours. It was a great service. I am very sure that I will come again for further service.

    2009 Mercedes-Benz E350
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  • Raymond
    Raymond4 years ago

    This review does not pertain to mechanical service. I used their service in purchasing an '80 SL but have not stepped into their garage at all as I am no where near St. Louis. I incidentally rang up Eric Schwarz because I was looking online at a vintage Mercedes in St. Louis and I needed to find someone to go out to inspect the car for me. It turned out that they don't make housecalls to inspect old cars but Eric says he might have a similar vehicle belonging to one of his long time customers coming up for sale. I looked the shop online and had some doubts in the beginning because of a negative review but we maintained phone and email communications, he sent me pictures and answered my questions and gained my trust, so we did the deal just like that. It took a couple of weeks to transact because the car had to be picked up by Passport transport and trucked to me, but everything went as smoothly as can be. While waiting, I asked Eric to install a center console for me because he told me that the original was in bad cosmetic shape. I asked him to tune-up or fix whatever else needed and he says it didn't need anything. The car arrived and is exactly as described, and I am more than pleased. This has got to be one of the easiest transactions and Schwarz folks are honest, decent and easy to work with.

    1980 Mercedes-Benz 450SL
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  • Darlene george
    Darlene george5 years ago

    My car is now 16 years old and I am happy to say that Fred Schwarz and his team are keeping my car on the road. I have been very happy with their service and attention to detail. Their prices are better than a dealership and much more personal treatment. I highly recommend Fred and his team for Mercedes service.

    1999 Mercedes-Benz E320
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  • Paul Arrambide
    Paul Arrambide6 years ago

    This company does excellent work. I have trusted them to completely rebuild my Rolls Royce Silver Spur II. Fred and Eric are perfectionists with an impeccable work ethic. When the paint work an outside contractor did was not up to standard, Fred sent it back and demanded that it be redone. In addition, they have repaired my my Rolls and Audi S8. All of their work is of incredible quality, and they only use the best parts. Furthermore, they have always been upfront with me about the cost of needed repairs and their estimates are spot on. While they are doing work, they keep me apprised of the progress and needs. I would bring any luxury car to them with no hesitation.

    Thank you Eric and Fred.

    Dr. Paul Arrambide

    2007 Audi S8
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    V. KOENIG9 years ago

    I took our 1982 Mercedes 380SL for service to Erwin Schwarz shortly after we bought it a few months ago. Fred Schwarz went above and beyond what I ever expected with their excellent service. The car needed quite a bit of work and Fred and his team looked the car over and gave me an estimate of what the car needed. They explained in easy to understand detail what repairs were needed right away and what repairs could wait. The car was fininshed as promised and was clean when I picked it up. The cost was exactly what they estimated. I will certainly bring my car to Erwin Schwarz in the future. V. Koenig

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  • Joseph Busenhart
    Joseph Busenhart9 years ago

    Bought a 1962 Rolls Royce from Erwin Schwarz LTD. St. Louis MO on 5/11/11 that was supposed to be in excellent mechanical condition since they had been taking care of the vehicle for years for the owner. Only took a couple of days for the car to fall apart needing new generator, voltage regulator and engine to be torn down to identify horrible engine knock. Paint quality and interior were misrepresented as well. I feel like we were out and out lied to by Eric Schwarz the owner about the condition and quality of the Rolls. I would never buy ANYTHING from his business again. I contacted Eric on 5/18/11 to discuss the problems and misrepresentation of the Rolls after I heard from my mechanic and he acted like he had no responsibility and it was a case of "Buyer Beware". Maybe that's how some outfits operate, but not reputable companies. Hopefully, I have saved someone else the trouble of getting ripped off by this place.

    Joseph Busenhart

    Thoroughbred Limousine

    Lexington, KY

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    Eric Schwarz9 years ago

    In response to Mr. Joseph Busenhart of Thoroughbred Limousine false statement(s). Mr. Busenhart purchased a $24,000, 50 year old 1962 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II to put to use in his limousine service as a runner. He is not your typical Rolls-Royce owner. Mr. Busenhart was told the good, the bad and the ugly in regards to his vehicle. We have done EXTENSIVE work to this Rolls-Royce throughout the years. Mr. Busenhart had his personal employees (professional drivers) come inspect the car and pick up the automobile. Everything checked out to their liking at the time of delivery and drove off. Driving the Rolls-Royce from St. Louis, Missouri to Lexington, Kentucky without mishap. -except for the fact that the drivers overloaded the fuse panel from connecting phones, GPS units or whatever into a the cigarette lighter of the '62 Rolls and blew a fuse. Mr. Busenhart claims the generator had gone out and that the engine now has a horrible knock. The generator may have gone bad. -This is an electrical component and there is no indication on when an electrical part like this will fail. Even though he purchased this 1962 Rolls in "as is condition" I told him to send me the generator and I will rebuild it. In short, he declined. In regards to the engine knock, his claim is absolutely non-sense. In May of 2008 at 80,815 miles we performed a valve job to the engine. The previous owner whom we performed the work for is a multiple Rolls-Royce and luxury car owner who was absolutely pleased with our work. Along with 99% of our customers in general. Fast forward to the time when Mr. Busenhart purchased the car 4/28/11 it had 81,021 miles at this time. Mr. Busenhart's people came to inspect & pick up the car did not hear any noise whatsoever and drove off with the car to Lexington (350 miles). Throughout this experience the more I spoke with Mr. Busenhart, the bigger the holes in his story started to become evident. The car now has 81,636 miles on it. What happened to this Rolls-Royce in the five hundred plus miles in which Mr. Busenhart has owned it I have no idea. Nor do I know how it was driven. He told me, if I did not pay him he would litter these forums with his statements. With that I told him, go right ahead, my customers know me and the service we provide and I will not tolerate being "terrorized" and held for ransom in internet forums. In closing, I gave Mr. Busenhart an accurate description of the vehicle along with approximately 50 pictures or so of the vehicle. In addition, I advised him to have a third party inspection of the vehicle and provided names of area service shops which specialize in luxury vehicles. However, he declined due to the fact he did not want to spend $250 for a third party inspection. I did everything in my power to advise him as genuinely as possible as I do all of my customers. Mr. Busenhart is not a typical Rolls-Royce owner, he runs a limousine service and should have qualified persons drive and maintain his service vehicles. I stand behind everything I sell and have the clientele to back it up.


    Eric Schwarz