Common Repairs on the Mercedes-Benz R Class

The multi-purpose First Generation R-Class (W251), produced by German auto manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, is a great luxury crossover vehicle. It featured a unique blend of SUV, wagon, and minivan characteristics, offering spacious seating for up to seven passengers. The W251 R-Class showcased a versatile interior, luxurious amenities, and a range of engine options, including gasoline and diesel powertrains. While delivering smooth rides for Benz owners, there are still maintenance issues or two.

Airmatic Problems: People may disagree on whether the Airmatic compressors of the 1st generation R-Class suffer from a poor design or they just tend to fail as the car logs miles. That really isn't as important as having a functional air compressor, which may be faulty.

Transmission Issues: Slipping or difficulty shifting gears may be noticed by W251 owners. Sometimes it’s due to low transmission fluid, a worn out clutch or solenoids. Bring your 1st gen R-Class to a qualified Mercedes mechanic for regular maintenance and inspection.

Electrical Problems: The 1st generation Mercedes R-Class can have some electrical problems with the car's power windows, lights and other systems. These problems may be due to malfunctioning sensors, battery or faulty wiring.

Suspension Issues: Some drivers of the R-Class have observed a problem with the vehicle's suspension as the car approached the 100,000 mile mark. Also, noises or rattling sounds coming from the suspension system have been observed.

If you've had encountered any of the problems outlined about with your Mercedes-Benz R-Class MPV, you should bring that vehicle in for an inspection by an independent Mercedes-Benz repair specialist right away.

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