Mercedes-Benz GLK Class Squeaky Brakes

German auto manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, has been producing the GLK class since this model was introduced to the world at the Beijing Auto Show in 2008. This compact model is a luxury crossover sports utility vehicle comparable to the Audi Q5. It's a fine car and relatively trouble free, which isn't to say that GLK owners haven't had a cause for complaint from time to time.

Squeaky brakes have been a source of aggravation for some GLK owners. Some drivers have reported the accumulation of brake dust in addition to loud and squeaky brakes. This can be quite embarrassing to have this problem occur repeatedly over the course of your daily errands as everyone on the street will hear the high pitched racket. Not only that but this noise can be a major distraction for the car's driver as well.

Although this is a common problem, replacing the brake pads and rotors may be the easy solution. If you have had a mechanic replace the pads and rotors, however, and you are still experiencing problems with loud brakes you are not alone. Although a few people have complained that while rotor and pad replacement did solve the problem in the short term, at the first sign of bad weather, the brakes began their tortuous squeaking once again.

If you are experiencing problems with the squeaky brakes on your Mercedes-Benz GLK Class, bring it in to a German auto maintenance mechanic for a complete brake inspection. They'll be able to give you a diagnosis of the situation as well as an estimate for the cost of the repair.

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