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110 Cumberland Park Dr., #107
St. Augustine, FL 32095 US
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Exceptional Mercedes-Benz service in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL.

Repairing Mercedes-Benz vehicles since 1983. If it has a star, we can fix it.

  • Factory Trained in Germany
  • Factory Technical Instructor for 11 Years
  • ASE Master Certified
  • Mercedes-Benz Master Guild Technician with 26 years of experience

Our Mercedes-Benz services include:

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Engine Repair
  • Electronic Diagnostic
  • AC/Heating
  • Transmission Repair
  • Tires


  • The ONLY mechanic to touch my BMW and wife's Mercedes. I have saved hundreds. Done with dealers when we have Jens.

  • Jens is exactly what 5 stars says...he is "as good as it gets." Fair pricing, unsurpassed knowledge, experience, and attention to detail.

    ArtsAlfa R. Jacksonville, FL, via Yelp on April 7, 2013
  • Only place that is can fix a Mercedes in the area

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19 Reviews

  • Safeer Ashraf
    Safeer Ashraf1 year ago

    He did a B7 service overnight - the day before Thanksgiving. I would otherwise have had to wait weeks before the local dealers would get around to my car.

    2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS 450
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  • Jutta
    Jutta1 year ago

    I totally agree with the description...... excellent service. I would not go anywhere else.

    2014 Mercedes-Benz ML 350 BlueTec
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  • Charles Lynch
    Charles Lynch2 years ago

    Very good and fast service on a wheel sensor repair. Much cheaper than the dealer and much closer to my house. Very informative on what was wrong and what it was going to cost. Paid exactly what the estimate was. I'll return to this guy.

    2009 Mercedes-Benz ML 350
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  • Christopher Shirley
    Christopher Shirley3 years ago

    After having my car looked at by two different "German Mechanic" specialists I took it here and was blown away at the quick and almost instant assessment. The issue was resolved in one day and saved me a ton of money. I trust my car with no one else. Highly recommended!

    2006 Mercedes-Benz E-350
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  • Keith Shoemaker
    Keith Shoemaker3 years ago

    Don't leave many reviews, but if you have a Mercedes-Benz and are in St. Johns area he will take care of your car. One man shop and knows what he is doing. He is good, fair and good prices.

    2012 Mercedes-Benz E350
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  • David L Suazo
    David L Suazo7 years ago

    Had work on my Mercedes. Lorenzen Motors provides excellent service at a reasonable price. Lorenz is very knowledgeable and fair. You wont go wrong bringing your business to him. The only draw back is that he is very busy and if you need something done quickly you will have to wait, but it still beats the dealer.

    2006 Mercedes-Benz E350
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  • Bruce
    Bruce8 years ago

    I purchased a "project" 380SL from S.C., from the recommendation of a friend there, sight unseen...not running, and stored for about seven years. Oy Vey! With a few parts, diagnostic skills of Jens, it's on the road...a trusted friend/mechanic!

    1982 Mercedes-Benz 380SL
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  • Danny
    Danny9 years ago

    I have always used Brumos MB in Orange Park, no more! Jens repaired my car and I plan to go back to Jens for all maintenance in the future. I highly recommend Lorenzen Motors and Jens. He is a one man show but does excellent work.

    2006 Mercedes-Benz S500
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  • Tony
    Tony10 years ago

    This is a real deal mechanic. While others were telling me that this was an uncommon problem with my Mercedes. He said it was a common problem and fixed it in 15 minutes and $40.00 later. Everything worked in my car like clock work. I had been told the buttons on my dash were not working because of a SAM from other mechanics and the cost would be around $800.00 just for the part. After my research online, I came across Lorenzen Motors, this man, this hard working honest person that just tells you like it is and while he's examining your vehicle, he gives you information about it as well. I will never visit a dealer of any other mechanic, excuse me, technician again for my car. Many, many thanks and I am sure there are more to come.

    2000 Mercedes-Benz S430
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  • Mary
    Mary11 years ago

    I recently have my transmission rebuild by Jenz on my 1993 Mercedes and I can say that I am a 100% plus, satisfied customer with the repair. The transmission feels and shift better than ever before, and he took care of other stuff that makes the car feels and drive like a new car.

    He is very knowledgeable and has the experience and tools needed to work on these complicated cars, and over everything, he is honest and will not try to rip you off because you drive a Mercedes Benz.

    I recommend Lorenzen Motors to anyone that wants the car to be fix right the first time.

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  • TommyBoy
    TommyBoy12 years ago

    Wow, what a great find! I have a CLK that since I purchased; Jens has been the ONLY person to touch it regarding service. Will never go to the dealer again, they are such rip off artists. Lorenzen Motors is fair priced, very knowledgeable and is connected to several others that provide superior service in the area. I was surprised that Jens works on all vehicles expertly but his forté is certainly Mercedes and BMW repairs. Don't take your German car anywhere else.

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  • Gary
    Gary12 years ago

    I went today to get my C240 looked at because of a noise. I found them to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I was told everything up front and was shown how Firestone had put in an inferior oil filter. I will use Lorenzen Motors from now on. You can trust this shop. Wow, what a comfort to know you were not being ripped off.

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  • Jeff
    Jeff12 years ago

    Great service for your Mercedes or other foreign car. Jens is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in the servicing of your vehicle. Nobody can beat his prices. If you want to drive away with that satisfied feeling, Go to Lorenzen Motors.

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  • Geoffrey T
    Geoffrey T12 years ago

    I have taken my auto to Lorenzen Motors three times and each time I was treated with respect, courtesy, customer service and appreciation. Jens is honest and is passionate about his craft. Take your vehicle to this man! One satisfied client..G tatro @ Saint Johns FL.

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  • Keith
    Keith12 years ago

    This guy is telling the truth about Lorenzen Motors. I wanted to get on here to get his name out there but I see that someone beat me to it. I just had service done to my car by him. I found him by searching the internet for Mercedes shops.

    When i got there, pre-buy inspection was going to cost me $80. Now, I'm a helicopter mechanic so i am thorough when it comes to maintenance. He noticed every little thing about the car (good and bad). he used calipers to measure each rotor, tools to measure the freezing point of the coolant and even used a torque wrench to put my wheels back on (that's my biggest pet-peave.) His tools are modern and complete. And even after 28 years of doing this, He still uses the Mercedes manual (WIS) to do the inspection and make sure he's not missing anything.

    When he was done, He only charged me $60 cause he said it didn't take him as long as he thought it would. This guy is honest and really enjoys and, takes pride in his work.

    Long story short, He's knowledgeable, honest, by the book, and his prices are reasonable.

    Take your car to this guy!

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  • Donald
    Donald13 years ago

    I'm a nice guy (so they say), but I am also very demanding when it comes to services on my car. Jens has always surpassed my expectations and, in fact, has made my decade old e320 run better at 95k than it did at 20k.

    It appears that some repair shops think MB owners have bottomless wallets. That's simply not so.

    But MB dealers always go over the car "bumper to bumper" when changing the oil seeking additional work and expensive repairs. Jens will also go over the car but will recommend repairs ONLY when they are truly necessary. And the price is more than right! You will NEVER get ripped off at Lorenzen Motors.

    There's ZERO need for going to a Dealer when a shop like this exists.

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  • Jim
    Jim13 years ago

    Jens fixed my ML when no one else could. After thousands of dollars at the local dealer Jens fixed it right, one repair and cheap! I will never go anywhere else but Lorenzen Motors. Fast, honest and very knowledgeable about German cars in general. Thanks Jens!

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  • Jack
    Jack13 years ago

    Recently purchased a 99 SLK from a friend and took it to Jens at Lorenzen Motors for a complete 45,000 mile service check up. Jens was very knowledgeable and helpful to me. He took the time to explain a lot about the car to me while doing the service. He really knows his business. I left feeling very good about my service experience and would trust him with my car in the future!

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  • Winifred
    Winifred14 years ago

    Jans of Lorenzen Motors is not only one of the nicest and most helpful Mercedes repairman that I have worked with, but he is also one of the nicest human beings. He is trustworthy and accommodating and very quick working.

    He used to be a technical instructor for Mercedes-Benz, as well as worked as a GM of a dealership in Coral Springs, and is extremely knowledgeable. He has all the proper equipment to diagnose and repair any problem you may have with your Mercedes. His business recently opened (April 2009) and he is located right off I-95 on Hwy 210. Lorenzen Motors is also completely affordable. I highly HIGHLY recommend Jens of Lorenzen Motors--you won't be disappointed!

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