Campbell's Mercedes Repair

1200 34th St S,
St. Petersburg, FL 33711 US
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St. Petersburg/Tampa BMW and Mercedes service center. BMW and Merceds certified mechanics.

1 Review

  • Chris Ivan
    Chris Ivan 3 years ago

    I came to this shop with my s-class Mercedes for alignment, wheel tpms sensors , and tighten up few bolts that I couldn't do without a lift. I had brand new high performance tires to install. They put them backwards with inside pointing out. I had different shop do rear for 40$ and working great with sensors. Ok and mr Campbell said sorry there was a sticker that tells them ,load of bs. He change them back. Ok then I noticed my rims were completely destroyed from their machine you can see where the will spun off. On both front rims. And my brand new tire destroyed flat next day. The bead of the tire was damaged, and use bead sealer to repair it .And charge 135$ for removal/ install of tpms that cost 7$ any other place. Mr Campbell said it probably came like that or you did it. I couldn't have done it. I bought the tires my self and they are inspected. Damage was on inside of tire. Alignment was done bad. Car goes straight but steering wheel point to the right. They had the nerve to tell me bolts were all loose while I watched them lose them and bs me. And say that was your noice . We went for a test drive ,had a knock when turning i told Geraldo its the stabilizer bar. I had my own parts to repair it ,and i told them I would take care of it. They say they spent 3 hours looking for the noice and replaced the parts really.???? And OWNER MR CAMPBELL SAID i never told them about where to noice was. So i have random suspension parts for no reason in car.... for stabilizing And charge me for it. So ok i pick up my car noticed my wipers didn't work i open the hood and notice all the duct work from engine was not put back and smashed under hood and stopped wipers from working. LIKE HOW don't YOU NOTICE THAT .!!! This place is a complete joke. They charge me to the max limit i had last penny. For garbage work they did. And destroyed more then fixed .... and other thing they charge me for diagnosis of suspension AIRMATIC i told them the issue with the shock i had a benz tester also. They couldn't fix it . All you had to do is reset the airmatic... and charge 135$ for not even fixing the problem. DONT GO HERE.! I had to take them to COURT .! For damages refund for terrible work done. Pathetic

    2004 Mercedes-Benz S500
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