Mondino Imports

305 Juanita Street, Unit D,
Colorado Springs, CO 80909 US
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Since 1991 we have been carig for European high-performance cars. Our factory-trained technicians, coupled with the most modern of electronic diagnostic tools, enable us to solve any vehicle problem, simple to complex.

1 Review

  • Shannon Friend
    Shannon Friend12 years ago

    I contacted this place and setup an appoinment to have my r350 serviced which is still under warranty but I got tired of not only the dealer prices and add ons each time you went for service but more importantly my car was not being cared for. I had to have 2 window tints replaced because of scratchs that happened at a dealership, had to have one mirror reglued on the inside because that was not done, dents in my doors, patch scratched, broken parts left in tracks of my panorama sunroof, dirty finger prints all over my ceiling and entry doors, grease on my car and I could go on and on. When I arrived I was a little concerned because it is not located in the best of neighborhoods. Steve the owner is a good guy and did a great job performing my service and was honest in the condition of my car. Very reasonable priced, shop a little messy but if y9ou were to leave your car there for a few days it would be stored inside of course. ANyways, I had a nice service and thought I should write a review for others who may be in the situation I was in with dealerships. He is certified so going to him for service does not void any warranty.

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