6th Generation Mercedes-Benz SL Class Wandering Gas Gauge

German automaker, Mercedes-Benz, has been making vehicles in some form or another since the early Twentieth Century. This iconic company has been producing quality luxury sedans for most of that time, including the Mercedes-Benz SL which first appeared in 1954 and the new Sixth Generation R231 in 2012. Despite the luxury and style associated with the brand, these vehicles do create some problems for their owners occasionally.

One such issue is a problem Benz owners have observed with the gas gauge on their SL CLass R231. Some people have noticed that the needle will seem to wander around the gauge regardless of how much fuel is in the tank. Sometimes the needle will eventually settle on what one can assume to be the correct fuel amount, but they can't be sure. This can give the false impression that the tank is either full when it isn't or empty when it's full.

The problem with the mystery of the wandering gas gauge could be with the gas gauge sensor. This sensor may be faulty and sending false readings, or no readings at all. Another possibility is a problem with the fuel tank sending unit which may also allow for false readings. While this is not a safety issue, it can certainly be frustrating for car owners who rely on the accurate readings of their gas gauge in order to keep the tank full.

If you have encountered any issues with a malfunctioning gas gauge it may be the sign of a much larger problem and you should take your vehicle in to an independent Mercedes-Benz repair specialist for an inspection and repair estimate.

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