5th Generation Mercedes-Benz SL Class Trunk Assist Malfunction

The Mercedes Benz SL Class Fifth Generation (R230) was manufactured from 2001-2012 and was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This German roadster was offered as a 5-speed automatic and a 7-speed automatic. Although this vehicle was well received, like any new make and model, it demonstrated a few common problems such as trunk assist malfunction.

Some drivers have complained that the trunk assist will suddenly stop working. Typically, this is due to the pump timing out or a leak in the system. The latch is powered by air, and if the plastic around the ball bearings cracks, air will leak, and the system will fail.

Owners of this SL Class have reported using epoxy to block the leaks. They note that other products, such as silicone, are not strong enough to stop the stream of air. Regardless, in order to access these bearings, you would need to remove bolts, snaps, and carpet. You would also need to cut zip ties and disconnect wiring plugs. Owners have reported damaging paint and breaking parts in the process. There are many steps, and there is much room for error.

For affordable yet professional help, contact an independent German import service shop. These trained mechanics will be knowledgeable about your SL Class, and they will have access to the proper resources and tools allowing them to be efficient and cost-effective. Moreover, these technicians will have experience with your particular make and model and its common issues, and they will know which problems are covered under warranty.

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