3rd Generation Mercedes-Benz E Class In-Cabin Rattles

Originally, the “E” in Mercedes-Benz’s E Class executive coupe stood for Einspritsmotor, the German word for a fuel injection engine, a new feature when the E Class was first released in the early 1950s. Since then, the E Class has stayed at the cutting edge of automotive technology, and it’s most recent incarnation, the 2010 W212, has become tremendously popular among consumers. Some owners report problems with in-cabin rattles.

There are few places where noises stand out more starkly than the inside of a quiet car. The cab of an E-Class is tremendously well sealed, and so any internal noise becomes all the more disruptive because it is not interacting with any other sound. There are several primary places where owners experience loud noises: in front of the steering wheel, around the glove compartment, from the speaker grills on top of the dashboard, and around the passenger seat belt area. The sounds are described as creaking, cracking, and general squeaking, and owners further say that the noises are exacerbated in extreme hot or cold weather.

The cause of the noise is most likely not a tremendously serious issue (i.e., your life probably is not in danger). There are probably some parts that need to be tightened or lubricated, and there is a chance that it is just bits of plastic and molding rubbing against one another. In this latter case, sometimes the noise can be reduced by installing strips of felt or other fabric between the rubbing parts. The trick is to be patient and willing to tighten and insulate many different things, sometimes the wrong things, before noise is completely erased.

A local Mercedes-Benz service expert can be a tremendous asset in solving the problem of excess cabin noise. They have likely seen the issues before, and they can gladly spend the time to find out exactly where the problems are occurring. Scheduling an appointment will also ensure that nothing more serious is going on, taking the stress off of your ears and your mind.

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