3rd Generation Mercedes-Benz C Class Navigation Display Problems

German auto maker Mercedes-Benz has always had a penchant for elegance and style. This concept is evident in the Mercedes C-Class line of luxury sedans, compact vehicles that showcase Mercedes’ commitment to quality and performance.

The C-Class encompasses a line of four vehicles, only three of which are marketed in the United States. The line includes the base model C250 Classic (UK only), the C300 Luxury, the C350 Sport and the C 63 AMG. All of the vehicles come equipped with automatic transmission, power accessories and an electronic entertainment module which serves as the navigation and media center for the vehicle.

Several Mercedes C-Class owners have experienced issues with the LCD screens associated with the entertainment module. This is usually manifested by either a blank LCD screen while the accessories continue to function or the display will light up initially and then go dark. The latter is often associated with the loss of functionality to the navigation system. If you are experiencing this issue, your Mercedes-Benz service specialist can perform a screen test on your vehicle to see if the problem is associated with the LCD screen or part of a larger issue.

If the LCD screen is the source of the problem, it may be switched out with another quickly and easily. If the problem is in the vehicle’s computer, the issue may take a little longer to diagnose and repair. In either case, your trusted German auto import technician is the best source of expertise and knowledge for your Mercedes C-Class vehicle. You can be sure that they will provide the most reliable, prompt service for your car.

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