3rd Generation Mercedes-Benz C Class Flooding in Engine Compartment

The German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is well renowned for its distinguished C-Class line of compact luxury sedans. These vehicles boast incredible safety ratings while at the same time delivering impeccable style and comfort.

Part of the appeal of the Mercedes C-Class is the high level of performance associated with the C300, C350 and C 63 models. These vehicles produce serious horsepower from their 3.0L, 3.5 L V-6 and 6.2L V8 engines, respectively. The 3rd generation Mercedes C-Class, which is in current production, also has several upgrades over previous versions with respect to performance.

One design flaw some Mercedes C-Class owners have found is a tendency for water to accumulate in the engine intake during heavy rains. If this occurs, the engine will either shut off or cease to function properly. Usually, the driver then shuts the engine off and is unable to restart it. This is a safety mechanism designed to prevent further damage by taking additional water in the engine compartment. If you experience this issue, do not attempt to drive the vehicle any further as serious damage could result. It is best to have the vehicle taken to your nearby Mercedes-Benz service center for diagnostics.

The air intake on Mercedes C-Class vehicles is located on or near the top of the engine, which is a relatively safe location. However, if the vehicle is driven through a deep puddle or is passed by a larger vehicle during a heavy rainstorm, hydralock can result. This means the engine cannot be started and is an issue best left for a seasoned mechanic such as your local German auto import specialist. He or she can advise you of this or any other special considerations you may have with your Mercedes C-Class 3rd generation vehicle.

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