2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz SLK Class SRS Malfunctions

From 2005 to 2011, German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz produced the R171 SLK Class luxury roadster. This sporty automobile features a mechanically retractable hardtop, navigation system that features BlueTEC technology and a host of safety sensory systems designed to detect and mitigate safety issues almost before the driver can recognize them. Though these safety systems have won the Mercedes-Benz SLK R171 numerous safety awards, several drivers have reported technological issues with them.

Several SLK Class R171 owners complain of intermittent malfunctions of the SRS safety system. The Safety Restraint System is designed to deploy the front and side air bags and adjust the seat belts to allow for sudden deceleration of the vehicle with minimal harm to the vehicle’s occupants. Often, after the vehicle has been driven a great distance at high speeds, the ‘SRS malfunction’ warning light will illuminate. This problem is not relieved by turning the engine on and off or disconnecting the battery source.

The problem is associated with a faulty connection between the vehicle’s air bag system and the vehicle’s computer. While the light is indicated, this means the vehicle’s safety system are not functioning properly. If you are in an accident the car’s air bags may fail to deploy. Because this presents a huge safety hazard, we recommend visiting a professional immediately if your Mercedes has a SRS malfunction warning light illuminated.

Your local Mercedes-Benz service technicians have the knowledge and experience to correctly identify the cause of this issue or any other warning lights or fault codes which may be stored in the vehicle’s computer. Because they have a high level of commitment to customer safety and satisfaction, you can rest assured they will work hard to restore the safety system on your Mercedes-Benz as well as your confidence in Mercedes-Benz.

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