2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz S Class Intermittent Climate Control Problems

The W221 S Class by German auto maker Mercedes-Benz is a line of luxury sedans manufactured from 2005-2013. These sedans are considered the flagship of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, as their predecessors can be traced back from before 1950. They embody the grace and elegance synonymous with Mercedes-Benz while offering all of the style and comfort consumers have come to expect in a luxury vehicle. Though they are technologically superior to many of their in-class counterparts, the Mercedes Benz S Class W221 does have some problems with its electrically controlled climate system.

Frequently, Mercedes W221 owners report that their troubles with the climate control system involve temperature regulations. They describe the symptoms as either the temperature of the air blowing through the driver’s side is cold and the passenger’s side is warm, or vice versa. There are also reports of the blower motor failing to match the requested speed on the climate control panel, i.e. the blower functions at high capacity while on a low setting.

This issue can definitely be frustrating, especially if the weather where you live reaches hot or cold temperature extremes. The cause of the issue could be a number of problems, and for this reason we do not recommend that the home mechanic attempt this repair.

If you are experiencing climate control issues with your Mercedes-Benz S Class W221, we recommend that you consult the friendly service mechanics at your local Mercedes-Benz service center. They have the right experience and knowledge needed to make the correct diagnosis and repairs for any issues you may encounter with your Mercedes-Benz.

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