Common Repairs on the 2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class

The 2nd Generation (V167) GLE-Class was introduced in 2019. It features a redesigned exterior with a more modern and streamlined appearance. The V167 GLE-Class incorporates the latest Mercedes-Benz technologies, including an upgraded infotainment system, advanced driver assistance systems and electrified powertrain options. It offers improved performance, enhanced comfort and a range of models, including the high-performance Mercedes-AMG GLE variants. Here are some of the common issues with the V167:

Electric Gremlins: Some owners have reported occasional glitches with the infotainment system, dash light warning illuminated and connectivity failures. Updating the software may solve these issues.

Battery Failure: Issues with the battery failing or malfunctioning have been reported by owners. Take your V167 to the nearest Mercedes-Benz repair shop to have them update the software and/or replace the battery if needed.

Cracked Seats: Some owners of the V167 have noticed that their front seats started cracking after only 18 months of ownership. Upholstered with MB Tex, which is a faux leather that MB uses for its interior, this is purely an aesthetic issue.

If your encounter any of these issues with your Mercedes-Benz GLE, promptly get it to the nearest Mercedes-Benz service center for evaluation.

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