2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz E Class A/C Problems

German automaker, Mercedes-Benz, is a world renowned producer of luxury vehicles. Their E Class series of luxury sedans have proven popular with the public. Even so, owners of the W211 in both sedan and estate models have experienced certain issues with their vehicles.

Some owners of the E-Class W211 have complained of their climate control systems malfunctioning. They say that the air conditioning unit in their vehicles does not adequately cool the cabin, and sometimes blows warm air or doesn’t even turn on. This is a complex climate system which can regulate the temperature inside the car by adjusting to the outside temperature and the amount of sunlight. There have been reports that this does not occur and that the air conditioning unit does not stay in tune or is balanced with the digital thermometer.

One issue could be that there is an insufficient amount of coolant in the system. This itself can cause a leak to occur or could be due to a leak somewhere else in the air conditioning system. There could also be a more general issue with the electrical system. Whatever the cause of the improper functioning of the AC, this can be quite unpleasant for Mercedes-Benz owners who live in hotter climates or who experience temperatures in the high 80s or 90s during the summer months.

By bringing your W211 for inspection by a local Mercedes-Benz service expert, you can get a good idea of what repairs may be required as well as an estimate of the costs involved. This is not a problem you want to put off once the summer heat rolls around and all you can do to fight it is roll down the window.

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