2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz CLS Class Brake Problems

The CLS Class is a line of large luxury sedans produced by Mercedes-Benz, praised for their German engineering and dependability. The Mercedes-Benz C218 has been awarded several accolades for performance and safety. Although these automobiles are praised for being mechanically sound, a common frustration some Mercedes drivers express are problems with the braking system.

Usually on new vehicles, the Mercedes-Benz C218 has been reported to have problems with the brake system sticking. The driver will pull up to a complete stop and release the brakes to accelerate. However, when the brake pedal is depressed, the vehicle seems to ‘hop forward’ abruptly. This may be accompanied by a slight hissing or squealing sound. It can make for a jerking, uncomfortable ride and is best taken to an expert for evaluation.

It may seem to the average mechanic that the problem might be new brake pads, or an issue with the calipers causing the brakes to release too slowly. While this may be the cause of the issue, other factors could play a role in causing the jerking from a complete stop, and is should be diagnosed by a professional, with access to the right tools and information to make an informed decision about the cause and repair for the problem.

Your nearby Mercedes-Benz service center is the best place to find the root cause behind sticking brakes or other issues associated with a jerking sensation while driving your Mercedes-Benz C218. The knowledgeable and friendly staff there can assist you with this or any other issue you may have with your vehicle.

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