2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz CL Class Automatic Trunk Issues

The Mercedes CL Class, built by German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, is the epitome of style and performance found in a line of full size luxury coupes. The Mercedes CL Class features many convenience options, including several power accessories. One of these accessories, the automatic trunk button, seems to give some owners fits.

Mercedes CL class owners report that often the trunk button inside the vehicle fails to actuate the trunk mechanism. Or sometimes, they can hear the trunk latch itself actuating – evidenced by a clicking noise in the trunk, but the trunk fails to lift or close. When this occurs a faint hissing noise may also be heard when the trunk button is actuated. The problem may manifest itself gradually over time, or may just suddenly appear out of the blue.

Although some Mercedes owners work around this annoyance at first, it is a frustration that no one should put up with. There are many do-it-yourself types of repairs on the web, but the cause is often not clear for many Mercedes owners. The root cause may be the hydraulic system that governs the opening and closing of the trunk. Or if the latch fails to actuate, it may be that the hydraulic pump has completely failed. Or, the source may be in the wiring that connects the inside trunk button to the actuating level in the trunk.

Because the underlying cause for trunk malfunctions may be any of a number of issues, the best way to solve the problem is to visit your nearby German auto import specialist. Their expertise and experience diagnosing and repairing import vehicles will ensure your vehicle is repaired as quickly as possible.

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