2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz C Class Cam Magnet/Sensor Leaking

Mercedes-Benz produces a variety of luxury automobiles including those in its C-Class line of compact executive vehicles. The W203 model was introduced to the car buying public in 2004 after the CLK-Class luxury coupe was retired the previous year. As popular as this compact luxury sedan has been with Mercedes-Benz fans and owners, some problems do present themselves from time to time.

One thing that drivers of the C Class Mercedes-Benz have reported is a problem with the cam magnet sensor leaking oil into the wiring harness and causing damage. Some drivers believe that the part will last at least 60,000km without fail, but others have experienced this problem well below that benchmark. The rubber seal affixed to the electrical plug may be the culprit in the leak. Eventually, the seal will loosen, especially as it is exposed to heat and dirt.

The solution to this problem may simply require the replacement of the cam magnet sensor with a new one. If this issue is not addressed, it will only continue to leak oil into the wiring harness. This new part, of course, will be subjected to similar, if not the exact same road conditions and is therefore likely to loose its elasticity as well.

If you are the owner of a Mercedes C Class sedan, and are experiencing this type of problem, particularly with your W203 model, it is advised that you bring your vehicle into a local Mercedes-Benz service expert so that you can receive a proper estimate and diagnosis for repair. Failure to address this issue may cause serious damage to the wiring harness and belts.

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