2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz A Class Engine Temperature Problem

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class Second (W169) Generation, manufactured from 2004-2012, was offered in both three-door and five-door hatchback body styles. This front wheel drive compact car was manufactured with seven different engine types, all of which were four cylinders. While this German auto was well received, like any new vehicle, a few common issues developed, such as an engine temperature problem.

Drivers have complained that, according to their dash, their engine temp does not reach the normal temperature, usually regardless of the weather or climate. Some owners have observed that the temperature drops even lower when driving slowly or down a hill. While some Mercedes owners choose to simply ignore any temperature-related issues that fall short of complete stalling due to overheating, others are concerned because their German import’s lifespan could still be adversely affected by less dramatic malfunctions. If it is your thermostat that is not functioning properly by, for example, sticking in either the open or closed position, you may cause further damage by continuing to drive your vehicle. Overheating is only one possibility.

Changing the thermostat might resolve the issue. Some owners attempt this fix on their own, but it is easy for an amateur mechanic to damage a luxury vehicle in the process. Additionally, spilled fluids pose serious safety risks to children and household pets. Furthermore, some drivers have reported that changing their thermostat has not remedied the problem.

To avoid unnecessary repairs and costs, consider consulting a local Mercedes-Benz service shop. Independent experts will have the proper knowledge and tools to safely, accurately, and affordably diagnose engine temp and such other A-Class issues.

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