2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz A Class Automatic Gearbox Problem

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class Second (W169) Generation was manufactured from 2004-2012 as three and five-door hatchbacks. This compact car featured traction control, anti-lock brakes, and front wheel drive. While this German import was admired for a variety of features from its parabolic rear axel to its active park assist, the model is also known for a few common issues, such as the automatic gearbox problem.

Some drivers have noted that their Mercedes tops out at 50mph, but that they experience no problem with the initial shift into gear. Most of these owners also report that their vehicles experience no issues in reverse. In the event of this malfunction, a transmission fault warning light might appear on the dash, but oftentimes this light is only displayed once the vehicle is put in to drive.

In an attempt to remedy the problem, some owners opt to change their oil and filter prior to seeking professional advice. While this routine maintenance is undoubtedly important to the wellbeing of your vehicle, these specific concerns are not typically directly related to dirty oil or filters. Necessary repairs might include replacing the speed sensor, or exchanging or rebuilding the entire gearbox. Some owners attempt to repair these issue on their own, but unsealing the ECU within the gearbox to reach the speed sensor is no small feat. Some mechanics are even hesitant to do this, and some technicians who are less familiar with this Mercedes might immediately recommend switching out the entire gearbox instead.

For an affordable yet professional opinion regarding this specific problem and its specialized repairs, we recommend calling an independent German import garage. Their knowledge of your make and model will allow them to address your concerns quickly and accurately, getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

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