1st Generation Mercedes-Benz M Class Windshield Wiper Malfunction

Mercedes-Benz’s M Class W163 was released to consumers in 1997 after receiving fantastic results in crash tests and appearing alongside Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park: The Lost World. The intention behind the W163 was to replace the decade-old G Class and fill the market space between the GLK Class and the GL Class. One of the more frequent problems reported by owners are windshield wiper malfunctions.

When poor weather hits, we rely on our windshield wipers to keep the road visible and our family safe. That’s why problems related to their proper function are so disruptive. Commonly, owners say that the issue starts off small: the wipers are sometimes jerky, and every now and again they need to be manually pulled on before they will go. The problems worsen from there on out. Eventually, only one or two wiper settings will actually get a response, and then, as is inevitable, the wipers quit altogether.

Like most every problem, the possible culprits are numerous. It might just be that the fuse or relay controlling the power that goes to the wipers needs to be cleaned or replaced. This would explain the unusual power distribution to the wipers, but it wouldn’t necessarily account for the fact that they work if tugged on. That points more to the switch on the steering wheel. If the switch is sending improper or incomplete signals to the wipers, then the described malfunctions would be the most obvious result. The worst possible scenario would be that the wiper motor has burnt out, which means it must be removed and replaced.

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