1st Generation Mercedes-Benz M Class Central Lock Failure

Mercedes-Benz managed to land some unique advertising spots with the first generation of their M Class SUV. The W163, as it was alternatively called, was produced from 1997 to 2005, and in that time it managed to be featured in Jurassic Park: The Lost World and to become the platform off of which the Popemobile was designed. Some W163 owners report frequent central lock failures.

The ability to keep your Mercedes safe and secure is of utmost importance. As soon as locks start to display problems, the belief in your car’s safety becomes undermined. Will the car be locked if someone tries to break in? Will the alarms work if there’s a problem? Often, the issues with the central locking failure come accompanied with a failure of the alarm system to function properly. Owners report that when the remote lock/unlock feature goes out, the only way to lock the driver side door is manually. Before the remote key goes out completely there is also a tendency for the locks to begin rapidly locking and unlocking—a phenomenon known as “machine gunning.” If your car is exhibiting these behaviors, there’s a good chance that your locks are on their way out.

The problem could lie in something as simple as old or dead batteries. Each key runs on a small battery that, like all batteries, wears out over time. If the batteries are replaced and the issue doesn’t go away, it could be that the remote needs to be resynchronized. This is a relatively simple procedure that often solves up such locking difficulties right away. If the locks still don’t work, then you might be looking at a damaged AAM (All Activity Module), which would require a replacement and recalibration.

The one place where you can have all of the above possibilities tested and potentially ruled out is at a nearby German auto maintenance shop. Taking your W163 by one of these professional garages will ensure that your car receives the treatment it deserves by the men and women who know how to do it best.

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