Common Repairs on the 1st Generation Mercedes-Benz GL Class

The first generation Mercedes-Benz GL-Class (X164) group of vehicles is a line of executive-size luxury sport utilities built by German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz from 2006-2012. Mercedes produces their sophisticated automobiles using only top-of-the-line materials in order to create vehicles unmatched for their elegance and innovation. Though these vehicles are acclaimed for their performance and dependability, many Mercedes-Benz owners have problems with their vehicles. Issues cited include:

Airmatic Suspension Failure: Some owners have reported issues with the Airmatic air suspension system. Problems can include air leaks in the suspension components, failed air compressors or faulty sensors. A trusted Mercedes-Benz service technician can repair or replace any affected parts to restore proper suspension functionality.

Engine Oil Leaks: Commonly, engine oil leaks from the valve cover gaskets and oil cooler seals, are popular in the 1st generation GL-Class. Decreased engine performance and damage may occur if not addressed promptly.

Transmission Problems: Some GL-Class models equipped with the 722.9 7-speed automatic transmission may experience shifting issues, such as hard shifting, delayed engagement, clunking noises and transmission fluid leaks.

Leaking Steering Racks: There have been occasional reports of power steering pump failures in the 1st generation GL-Class. Leaks in the power steering pump or rack cause the power steering system to function improperly. This can lead to complete loss of power steering.

If your encounter these or any other problems with your Mercedes-Benz GL Class SUV, take it to the nearest Mercedes-Benz service center for diagnostics as soon as possible. The technicians and staff will be happy to assist you with any issue you may be experiencing, and resolve to eliminate it as quickly as possible to get you back on the road again.

Search for a local, independent Mercedes-Benz repair shop with Mercedes-Benz mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.