1st Generation Mercedes-Benz E Class Sunroof Problems

The Mercedes-Benz E Class W210 was manufactured from 1995-2003. The German auto sported a variety of state-of-the-art features, including audio and navigational steering wheel controls. Although this E Class was well received, it came to demonstrate a few common issues, including sunroof problems.

Some drivers have complained that their sunroof won’t open. Typically, when this occurs, the roof fails regardless of whether the driver is pressing the switch or making a manual attempt. The sunroof might begin to open when you press the stitch, but only flex and then fail to move. Alternately, the roof might move up and down but not open. While some owners chose to ignore this issue, this is no way to enjoy your luxury import. Clacking noises may or may not accompany this malfunction.

It’s possible that the entire sunroof might need to be replaced. This repair is extensive, as much of the roof needs to be removed in order to access the sunroof. Owners who have attempted this fix on their own often regret it. Alternately, the issue might be a loose cover plate or cable. They can become dislodged, which an experienced owner might be able to determine after removing the glass. Even this, however, is labor intensive and, once apart, you might realize that you need to order new cables.

We recommend visiting your local German import mechanic. An independent garage with Mercedes experience will be familiar with your W210 and its most common issues. Therefore, they’ll be able to offer an affordable yet efficient fix, and they’ll have you enjoying your Benz again as soon as possible.

Search for a local, independent Mercedes-Benz repair shop with Mercedes-Benz mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.