1st Generation Mercedes-Benz CL Class Reverse Gear Problems

Design began on the Mercedes-Bens CL-Class in 1981 as the company sought a flagship for their new aesthetic. They settled on the luxury coupé, and the first generation of this car—the W140—was publicly revealed at the 1991 Geneva Motor show. The run on the CL-Class W140 went from 1992 to 2000. Sometimes, owners of the W140 report that the reverse on their car goes out.

A car’s transmission is a highly important component. It handles the shifting of gears, and it enables the driver to switch between forward and reverse. When the transmission begins to wear out, or when it malfunctions for one reason or another, these operations will begin to experience interruptions, potentially leading to a dangerous situation. In the case of the W140, the inability for the car’s reverse to work properly is a common first sign that something is wrong with the clutch or transmission.

Owners say that they can shift into gear, but the car’s reverse simply will not engage. Alternately, some owners say that they can shift their car into reverse when they first turn it on, but after 30 minutes or so of driving the car no longer responds when in reverse and needs to sit for several hours before it will do so again. These are all clear indicators that the transmission on the car is close to wearing out completely.

In order to prevent a potentially serious situation from arising, the transmission on a W140 experiencing this problem should be given a full diagnostic and maybe even replaced. Scheduling an appointment with a local Mercedes-Benz maintenance garage will ensure that your car will receive the attention it needs in the hands of caring professionals, and that your safety, and the safety of your passengers, will be that much more secured.

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