1st Generation Mercedes-Benz C Class Power Window Failure

Even though the first generation of Mercedes’ C Class W02 wasn’t released until 1993, the design for this car began as far back as 1987, when the Mercedes’ owners decided to axe the 190 in favor of a hipper compact executive car. The production run for the W02 went from 1993 until 2000, and it was a definite favorite among Mercedes enthusiasts. One common problem that W02 owners experience is that the electric (power) windows often fail.

Window failure is one of the most frustrating problems that can plague a car owner. Sometimes they won't open, other times they won't close, and all of it leads to the unshakable feeling that you are not in control. Even more maddening is the tendency for the windows to remain unresponsive even after control units have been replaced or other such work has been performed.

The power windows rely on a number of different parts in order to perform correctly, and the responsibility for their failure could lie with any number of these things. It could be that the solder on the control module has cracked, or it could be a bad ground wire leading from the module to the window controls. Perhaps the motor in the window regulator has burnt out, or it could be a blown fuse (the most likely contender if two or more windows are affected).

Due to the broad nature of potential problems, the best option is to schedule an appointment with a specialized German import repair garage. The mechanics there will know about all of the quirks and tricks of your W02, and they will quickly identify the problem and solve it for you, freeing your mind up for more important things.

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